Fashion for Good Museum Shows How to Do Fashion Differently

After a brief hiatus, the Fashion for Good Experience has reopened and, as of tomorrow, launches a new themetitled “A CUT ABOVE”.  The theme leads programming and events in the museum for the next six months, showing visitors how we can reimagine the way our clothes are designed, made and worn. 

15 July 2020

AMSTERDAM-After a brief hiatus, the Fashion for Good Experience has reopened andas of tomorrowlaunches a new theme titled “A CUT ABOVE”.  The theme leads programming and events in the museum for the next six monthsshowing visitors how we can reimagine the way our clothes are designed, made and worn. The selected brands, emroce, Flavia La Rocca, senscommon, The Fabricant, Unspun and Wires, showcase fashion done differently, with 3D weaving, bodyscans, modular fashion and entirely digital fashion and are available to purchase today in the Good Shop. In addition, the Fashion for Good Experience introduces their new digital museum tours as well as five new, unique exhibition pieces.


Due to restrictions around the current pandemic, the launch of “A CUT ABOVE” will take place tomorrow at 17:00 CEST as an online event that features the owners of the curated brandswhose products will be available in the Netherlands for the first time in the Fashion for Good – Good Shop. Using PechaKucha style presentationthe brands introduced themselves, speaking on how they are taking fashion to the next level; from sourcing – using sustainable materials and zero-waste patterns; to assembly – with 3D weaving techniques; and finally to use – creating infinite styles through modular garments or designing virtual fashion that only exists in the digital space.  

The new theme will run until January 2021.  Find all images from the launch here. 


Starting this weekend, the Fashion for Good Experience will be running guided digital tours, giving access to their museum for visitors from around the world to discover the stories behind their clothes and to explain how they can make more sustainable choices. The tours are guided by well-trained Fashion for Good hosts, who explain all the ins and outs of the fashion industry and the innovations that are making fashion better. 

Gwen Boon, Experience Manager, explains: “Guided tours of the museum are always incredibly popular and due to the fact that we are based in Amsterdam we weren’t able to share our innovation stories and exhibits with the global audience as we’d like to. We have now developed interactive tours with quiz and personalised one-on-one guidance, to ensure literally anyone can enjoy our museum now!” 

Schools, associations, groups and individuals can book a tour at These digital tours can be booked worldwide, a unique opportunity for people from across the globe to visit the museum. Guests will receive GIFs, digital tools, tips and tricks to help them further their personal Good Fashion journey! 


The museum collection in the Fashion for Good Experience consists of several, unique and pioneering innovations that are often not (yet) available for consumers but are undergoing piloting and testingThe idea behind the exhibition is to show visitors what innovation looks like and explain what can be improved upon in current production processes. The five new exhibition pieces have all been created in collaboration with a start-up innovator from the Fashion for Good Innovation Programmes; 

  • Tommy Hilfiger shoes made with 24% recycled apple waste from Frumat 
  • A backpack from Bergans “Collection of Tomorrow” in collaboration with Spinnova, who turns cellulose and waste streams into textile fibres. 
  • A shawl by Salvatore Ferragamo made with silk-like material produced from citrus waste from Orange Fiber 
  • An entirely circular, unisex workwear outfit by Silfir that uses technology from for a completely traceable garment which ships using the custom designed, reusable and recyclable packaging from Returnity. 
  • An organic cotton t-shirt with embedded DNA tracers from Haelixa which through blockchain technology from the BEXT360 platform can verify the garment’s origin and authenticity.  

As with all museums in the Netherlands, the Experience was temporarily closed due to the pandemic, but has reopened with new safety guidelines to guarantee the safety of its visitors  

Visit for all upcoming workshops and (digital) events. Due to current circumstances, more digital activities are being organised than previously – such as a series of online masterclasses and an Instagram “Ask me anything” with all participating brands from “A CUT ABOVE”. 

Find all images from the launch here. 


WIRES – Co-founded by international supermodel and activist Lily Cole (who participated in the PechaKucha), these sustainably sourced glasses are handcrafted in Italy with 3D printed bioplastic parts from the UK and interchangeable lenses so a pair can last you a lifetime. Lily’s new book will be released this month and will be available to purchase in the museum, stay tuned!  

Watch more on WIRES here. 

FLAVIA LA ROCCA – Italian designer and Green Carpet Fashion Award winner, Flavia creates modular and sustainable garments using hidden zippers to construct new combinations for a never-ending wardrobe that transcends occasion and season.  

THE FABRICANT – an innovator from the Fashion for Good Accelerator Programme, the digital fashion house creates digital couture garments exclusively for virtual environments for fashion shows or digital samples. 

UNSPUN – a unique body scan and 3D weaving technology that can create a perfectly fitting pair of jeans, on demand with no waste or harmful chemicals. Get your measurements scanned and order your pair in the museum! 

SENSCOMMON – a unisex, minimalist label based in Amsterdam releasing small series of timeless apparel, enhancing everyday living with innovative textiles and materials, such as activated charcoal which has anti-microbial properties. 

EMROCE – this surf friendly, zero-waste swimwear is made from ECONYL® (nylon from recycled fishing netsusing a pattern method which eliminates waste in the cutting process. 


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