Transitioning to a circular fashion system requires us to reconsider all elements, from design to end-of-life to the very business models that underpin the industry. Collaboration is crucial. To move beyond incremental improvements to true transformation, we need innovators to work with corporations and corporations to work together.

That’s why Fashion for Good is building a global coalition of brands, producers, retailers, suppliers, non-profit organisations, innovators and funders united in their genuine ambition to make all fashion good.

By moving from individual pilots to collective investment, by collaborating rather than competing, and by openly sharing what we learn with the fashion industry and the world, we can accelerate progress for long-term impact.

Meet our...

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Our Innovation Advisors

    Suzanne Lee

    Suzanne Lee is a pioneer of the field of biofabricated materials for fashion. She deeply understands the challenges when design meets science through her Biocouture project and former role as Chief Creative Officer at Modern Meadow. At Biofabricate Suzanne brings 25+ years of experience working with material startups, brands and investors. She is a TED Senior Fellow, NASA Launch Innovator, and special advisor on biofabricated materials to Parley For The Oceans.

    Claudia Richardson

    Claudia Richardson has a background in Materials Science and Engineering from MIT and has worked on solving materials problems in various fields including clean energy, battery science, consumer products, and apparel- most recently overseeing Patagonia’s materials innovation team and strategic research portfolio. Richardson now works as an advisor on materials engineering and strategy for brands and venture investors with a focus on innovation technology scaling and reduction of environmental impact.

    Sophie Mather

    As a reputable thought leader on Sustainable Innovation, Sophie Mather, Material Futurist at Biov8tion, brings a depth of knowledge, innovative thinking and network to industry challenges. Her 20+ years’ (textiles/ apparel/ industry) experience spanning on the ground work at the brand, manufacturing and consulting level in the EU, Asia and US enables her to advise the ever challenged industry on cutting edge sustainable strategies and solutions.

    Jeffrey Hsu

    Jeffrey is the CIMO at NewTech Textiles (NTX), a global leader in waterless ambient temperature transfer print technology (NTX® CoolTrans®). Jeff comes from a diverse academic and industry research background where he double-majored in Chemistry & Microbiology at the University of California, and commenced his Masters in Chemistry from University of Missouri. He has extensive research background in pharmaceutical, medical engineering, petrochemical, agricultural science as well as innovations within textile science and engineering at FENC R&D center.

    Dharan Kiru

    Dharan spent close to 10 years in the innovation team at adidas, where he was a lead for the development of sustainable technologies. Through his work on new materials, advanced manufacturing, and circularity, he worked with numerous start-ups from discovery through to commercialisation. He has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and his background also spans materials and business. Dharan currently leads an innovation team in the field of construction as he seeks to develop sustainable solutions in another industry in need of change.