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    Amber Witte

    Alyxandra Westwood

    Anne Ro Klevant Groen Fashion for Good

    Anne-Ro Klevant Groen

    Brittany Burns

    Camilla Rama

    Carolina Abedova

    Charlotte Borst

    Dagmar Grote Plug and Play

    Dagmar Grote

    Djamila Fontaine Ngongo

    Dolly Vellanki

    Earl Singh Fashion for Good

    Earl Singh

    Elise Demuth

    Emily Cooper

    Georgia Parker

    Gwen Boon

    Hanna Gavrylova

    Hester Mauduit

    Inez Caryan

    Inge De Vogelaere

    Jade Rolland

    James Crowley

    James Gallagher

    Jana van den Bergen Fashion for Good

    Jana van den Bergen

    Joy Massholder

    Kathleen Rademan Fashion for Good

    Kathleen Rademan

    Katrin Ley

    Kevin Paraiso

    Khushbu Maheshwari

    Lana Miller

    Lena Sauerland

    Linda Bullic

    Manon Drijver

    Marianne Connolly

    Max Easton

    Nicole Wang

    Normagh Heaney

    Priyanka Khanna Fashion for Good

    Priyanka Khanna

    Renée Buitendijk

    Rogier van Mazijk

    Rosalie van der Harst

    Rugilė Katiliūtė

    Saatchi Doshi

    Shivam Gusain

    Simone Hageman

    Sophie van Duren

    Souad Imhaouran

    Yael Vink

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See here for our current vacancies at Fashion for Good – as a fast growing team, we post new roles relatively often so please check back from time to time! As a Stichting, we are also always looking for volunteers to help support our museum.