Museum Legacy

On this page you find our Museum legacy document, celebrating the incredible journey of the Fashion for Good Museum. As the Museum doors have closed on June 5th, 2024, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to you, our amazing community of conscious consumers and visitors.

Over the past six years, we welcomed 115,000 visitors and built a thriving online community of over 250,000 followers. This legacy document is a testament to our mission, capturing the insights and achievements that have driven positive change in the fashion industry. While our museum is now closed our commitment to transparency and collaboration remains as strong as ever. We’re excited to share our reflections, practical tips, and educational toolkits with you, along with our vision for the future.

Continuing the Journey

Fashion for Good remains steadfast in its commitment to revolutionising the fashion industry and continues to amplify its efforts through the Innovation Platform. Earlier, Fashion for Good announced its renewed strategy aimed to facilitate widespread adoption and scaling of regenerative fashion innovations, explaining why the museum has closed and how the journey continues. 

The building that housed our museum continues to serve as a vibrant space for creativity and innovation. It will function as a co-working space, event venue, pop-up retail space, and the headquarters for the Fashion for Good team. This next chapter ensures that our pioneering spirit lives on, fostering new opportunities for collaboration and growth. We invite you to join us on this new journey. Together, we can continue to drive the much-needed change in the fashion industry.

Museum Research and Report

You can access the full legacy document on our website here and explore how you’ve been a part of our story. If you want to know more about the sustainable practices which underpinned our ways of working and the museum’s vision of sustainability, start here. If you are a researcher or simply want to learn more about sustainable development in the wider cultural sector, start here. Let’s celebrate our legacy and look forward to the future with optimism and determination.

    Legacy Report

    This document stands as a testament to our commitment to transparency and collaboration, echoing the ethos that has driven Fashion for Good since its inception: changing the hearts and minds of its visitors and inspiring them to take action and help change fashion. It exists to fulfill the promise made in 2017 – to share our journey, learnings, and most impactful activities with the world.

    “Healing and Confronting: Fashion Exhibitions and Social Responsibility”

    Written by Marta Matera, Hester Mauduit and Sophie Jager van Duren.

    This paper traces the development of the exhibition What Goes Around Comes Around at the Fashion for Good Museum in Amsterdam (27 January – 5 June 2024), exploring the connection between fashion curation and care practices and sustainability.

    Suggested Bibliography – Toolkits and Resources

    We compiled a list of toolkits and resources for sustainable development in museums and other cultural institutions from our colleagues around the world.