An extensive pipeline of innovations has emerged from new, alternative raw materials right through to digital platforms. For many of those disruptive technology ventures, high risk and high reward equity capital is required to pilot, implement and scale these solutions.

To date, the amounts of capital available in the textile innovation space is still small in comparison to the magnitude of the problem or in comparison to the aggregate financing requirement of the most promising innovators. As a result, access to early and mid-stage venture capital funding consistently crops up as the most pressing element hindering innovators from progressing.

  • 250
    Investment raised by our innovators
  • 90
    Pre-seed or seed stage
  • 410
    Tailored introductions
  • 161
    Active investor relationships
  • 25
    We invest in about 1 in 4 innovators

What we offer

  • Direct co-investment by Fashion for Good for early- and mid-stage innovation
  • Fundraising support, including support on fundraising strategy, pitch decks, documentation review, benchmarking, valuation support, template documents
  • Connections to investor network (an overview of selected pioneering venture funds is accessible here)
  • Thought leadership

What we're looking for

  • Fashion for Good may co-invest in selected participants of the Accelerator Programme, Scaling Programme, and South Asia Programme
  • If you are looking for financing or support on fundraising, consider applying to the Accelerator Programme


Our investment portfolio

Fashion for Good is a dream first investor. They are thorough, have a quick turn-around, and are supportive. They are willing to attend fundraising events and endorse your value in the settings where such endorsements literally unlock new investment capital. And the final bonus: the team are pragmatic and experienced, so understand how much they can realistically demand without taking you away from your core business. If we could all start fundraising with investors like this on board, scaling impact innovations like ours would be so much easier.

Lea Esterhuizen

Stuffstr’s relationship with Fashion for Good has been beneficial in so many ways. From our participation in the Accelerator Programme, where we were introduced to a broad range of brands and retailers, including the one that became our initial launch partner; to an investment from the Fashion for Good Investment Fund, which helped to draw additional investments from other fashion-focused funds; to a steady flow of ongoing introductions and invitations that have been enormously helpful. We feel deeply indebted to Fashion for Good for all they’ve done for us.

John Atcheson

Everyone in the startup scene says that they have a great network and can help you with fundraising. Fashion for Good is one of the few ones actually delivering what they promise. I was deeply impressed by the introductions we received through FFG

Leon Szeli

Co-invest with us

  • We are partnering with VC’s and strategic investors around the world to invest in the most promising fashion tech ventures
  • We offer investors expert insights into developments in fashion tech as well as access to the most promising investment propositions and opportunities
  • Contact us should you wish to learn more about investing in fashion / textile tech. Our reports “Financing the Transformation in the Fashion Industry” (jointly with BCG) and “Investing in Textile Innovation” are a good place to start, and can be found in our Resource Library
  • A selection of the most active investors are shown in our Investor Landscape