Fashion for Good is a platform for sustainable innovation

At the core of Fashion for Good is an Innovation Platform – where we connect those working on sustainable innovation with brands, retailers, manufacturers and funders to bring new ideas and technologies from niche to norm.

The Fashion for Good Museum, known as the world’s first sustainable fashion museum (2017-2024), concluded its journey on June 5th, 2024. While the museum has closed, we will continue to drive sustainable innovation through our Innovation Platform. To explore the museum’s history and impact, please visit our Museum page.

Our impact

  • + 3000
    Innovators scouted
  • 184
    Innovators supported
  • 571
    Pilots started
  • 423
    Implementation cases
  • 1.9 bn+
    Capital committed

From polyester alternatives made from algae, to blockchain technology making the supply chain more transparent – take a look at our network of current and alumni innovators, each working on disruptive solutions within the textile industry.

Transitioning to a circular fashion system requires us to reconsider all elements, from design to end-of-life to the very business models that underpin the industry. Collaboration is crucial. To move beyond incremental improvements to true transformation, we need innovators to work with corporations and corporations to work together.
An extensive pipeline of innovations has emerged from new, alternative raw materials right through to digital platforms. For many of those disruptive technology ventures, high risk and high reward equity capital is required to pilot, implement and scale these solutions.

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