Past Exhibitions and the Museum Collection

Discover some of our past exhibitions on this page. Read up on our approaches to sustainable exhibition development and discover the artists and designers we featured in our exhibitions GROW, Knowing Cotton Otherwise and What Goes Around Comes Around. If you are interested in our collection practices, find out more here.

    What Goes Around Comes Around (2024)

    The Fashion for Good Museum developed the exhibition “What Goes Around Comes Around” on the basis of a care structure, with the intent to help visitors understand their power in the climate crisis. The exhibition explored circular practices in fashion and the shift from sustainability to circularity.

    Knowing Cotton Otherwise (2023-24)

    The “Knowing Cotton Otherwise” exhibition introduces audiences to the lesser known stories of cotton through the lens of sustainability.

    GROW: The World of Biomaterials (2021-22)

    Fruit skin fabric, mushroom ‘leather’, spider-silk, dye made by bacteria and algae; “GROW”, the exhibition from the Fashion for Good Museum in Amsterdam explored the biomaterials and cutting-edge innovations that shaped the sustainable future of fashion.

    “Democratising Fashion Collection Practices”

    Written by Alyxandra Westwood, Renee Buitendijk and Hester Mauduit.

    Collecting in museums today raises a plethora of issues when it comes to sustainability. The following article explores the Museum’s collection practices, reflecting on methods that could contribute to a more efficient, equal and environmentally sustainable approach to museum fashion collection management.