6 Reasons to Visit the Fashion for Good Museum Before It Closes Its Doors

On June 5th, the Fashion for Good Museum will permanently close its doors. But before that happens, here are 6 reasons why you should visit now!

30 APRIL 2024

AMSTERDAM – The countdown has begun! On June 5th, the Fashion for Good Museum will permanently close its doors. But before that happens, immerse yourself in the world’s first and only sustainable fashion museum in Amsterdam with a month filled with exciting events, workshops, and an expansion to the current exhibition with a new installation. Here are 6 reasons why you should visit now!



1 ) Runway Rhythms: A Live Fashion Performance

You’re invited to “Runway Rhythms,” a captivating fusion of circular fashion, music, and performance. Experience an electrifying performance by designer, dancer, and sound artist Jazmon Voss, followed by a live musical act and DJ Diora. Jazmon’s performance titled, “Ancestral Echoes,” will transport you into a realm where heritage and modernity intersect, featuring gender-fluid looks crafted from vintage, scrap, and recycled materials. Stick around for drinks and enjoy further live musical performances by Youandi and a DJ.

Date: May 3rd
Time: 20:00 – 23:00
Tickets: [link to eventbrite]

2 ) Clothes Swap & Interactive Workshops with the T-REX Project
Join us for the ultimate Clothes Swap, in collaboration with the T-REX Project. Give your unworn items a new home and find your perfect outfit by swapping pre-loved items. Dive into exciting interactive fashion workshops on May 7th at the Fashion for Good Museum. For more information and swap rules, visit the link below.
Date: May 7th
Time: 18:00 – 19:30
Tickets: [link to eventbrite]
3 ) Cypherloom installation: ‘A Digital Flow / Torso’
There is also a new addition to the exhibition called ‘A Digital Flow / Torso’ by the collective Cypherloom (Gianni Antonia, Diane Wallinger). The installation was commissioned especially for the exhibition “What Goes Around Comes Around” and explores the past, present, and future possibilities of the digital design process using the software Clo3D. The installation is intended to explore how digital technology in the design process can assist in creating an increasingly circular future.
[Included with museum admission.]
4) Workshop: Screen Printing with The Patchwork Family
Be part of the upcycling movement and craft your limited edition T-shirt through the art of screen printing. In this engaging session, the artists from The Patchwork Family have created exclusive designs just for this event. Join
us and pick your favourite design to be screen printed onto your Cradle-to-Cradle T-shirt during the workshop.
Date: June 1st
Time: 13:00 to 16:00
Link: https://fashionforgood.com/museum/events/
5) Workshop: Repair and Rewear with New Order of Fashion
Join us at our closing event and come by our Repair and Rewear mending station, where your clothes will receive creative twists from our friends at New Order of Fashion and forward-thinking designers Valentine Tinchant and
Kornel Maziec, who are ready to save your pre-loved items. Bring us your garments and the designers can help you to creatively mend your clothes.
Date: June 5th
Time: open flow during the 18:00 to 22:00?
Link: https://fashionforgood.com/museum/events/
6 ) Last chance to shop in the Good Shop
This month is your final opportunity to shop in the Good Shop before we close our doors. Explore our curated collection of sustainable clothing, shoes, and accessories from brands such as Marcus Elizabeth, Pure Waste,
Buzigahill, Pangaia, A.BCH, Allbirds, and more.
The final exhibition, What Goes Around Comes Around, is open until June 5th. Experience inspirational displays showcasing tangible examples of a circular fashion industry, featuring the works of pioneering artists, innovators, and designers such as The Patchwork Family, Yuima Nakazato, Ronald van der Kemp, Nicole McLaughlin, Atelier Reservé, and Marga Weimans.
Visit the Fashion for Good Museum to gain insight into the current state of the fashion industry, discover tools for individual or collective action, and be inspired by the possibilities of circular fashion available today.

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