Nov 26, 2020

Fashion for Good Museum Launches New Children's Programme “Kids Innovator Lab"

Fashion for Good Museum Launches New Children’s Programme “Kids Innovator Lab”
Fashion for Good Kids Innovator Lab
Credit: Nicolas Brenninkmeijer

26 NOVEMBER 2020

AMSTERDAM – This weekend, the sustainable fashion museum in Amsterdam is introducing several programmes for children from 6 to 12 years old. Young visitors can go on a scavenger hunt, take part in a material bingo and celebrate their birthdays by designing and painting their own sustainable T-shirts with beetroot, turmeric and avocado seeds.

The first edition of the “Kids Innovator Lab” will take place this Sunday, November 29th. The Kids Innovator Lab is a workshop especially developed for children (from ages 6 to 12), in which they will get started with the design process of a garment, exploring the sustainable material choices in the design process. They will also learn what a pattern actually is and, through a puzzle game, how to make a garment without producing any waste. Fun Fact, did you know that 15-20% of the material used ends up on the cutting floor during the production process? The zero-waste puzzle that is made during the workshop can also be taken home afterwards!

Every last Sunday of the month, the Kids Innovator Lab will take place and children can participate in the workshop between 12 and 4PM.

Fashion for Good Museum
Credit: Presstigieux

Birthdays can also be celebrated in the museum from this weekend onward! During the afternoon programme, children will embark on a voyage of discovery, starting with a tour through the museum that explains how a T-shirt is made. After the introduction, the children will get to design their own T-shirt, decorate and sustainably dye it! The latter is done with paint made from avocado seeds, beetroot and turmeric. After that, an exciting scavenger hunt or bingo game is also available, in which sustainable materials such as biodegradable glitter and apple “leather” must be found. Parties last 2 hours and are available for groups of up to 10 children.

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Don’t feel like taking part in a workshop or don’t have a birthday coming up? No problem! Children are always welcome in the sustainable fashion museum and can enter free of charge. The scavenger hunt and bingo equipment is available every day and can also be played together with a parent or guardian. Entrance for adults is 5 Euros per person.

Fashion for Good Kids Innovator Lab: Material Bingo
Credit: Anne-Ro Klevant-Groen

For more information about the new Kids Innovator Lab, visit our website: