Visiting the Fashion for Good Museum is also a fun activity for kids. We have developed cool games like a material bingo or treasure hunt!

But for the curious minds there’s the Fashion for Good Kids Innovator Lab, a special programme where kids get introduced to sustainable fashion and the solutions and exciting developments that will change the industry in the future.

We have a few activities available, that are designed to be as fun and interactive as possible for 6-12 year olds and are able to be taught in Dutch and English. Here, the kids or innovators and designers of the future as we’d like to call them, can celebrate their birthdays, attend workshops or join educational programmes.

Kids Innovator Lab once a month

The Kids Innovator Lab opens its doors every last Sunday of the month from 12:00 to 16:00. During these hours kids can participate in exciting interactive workshops. These workshops are inspired by the current museum theme that runs in the Fashion for Good Museum, the theme is a subject zooming in on a sustainable topic, meaning the activities vary a few times per year so you can come back and keep learning all year round.

The museum supervisors have all the tools ready. Book a spot now in our next Kids Innovator Lab!

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Celebrate your birthday in the Fashion for Good Museum! During this afternoon you will go on the journey of a T-shirt. The workshop will start with a short tour explaining how a T-shirt is made. After the introduction, the design workshop will start where you will design your own sustainable, fashion-forward T-shirt with paint made from avocado seeds, beetroot and turmeric. On top of that you can also go on a material treasure hunt through our Museum.

Practical information 
For kids between the ages of 7-12
Duration: 2 hours
Costs: €150
Max. of 10 children
Including admission for 2 supervisors/parents

What do you get?
Entrance to the museum for the whole day
Drinks and a little snack
Your own designed T-shirt

Birthday parties can be booked on any preferred day, at least 2 weeks in advance.
For bookings or other inquiries please get in touch via