Redress Design Award 2019 Tentoonstelling Bij Fashion For Good Experience

Fashion for Good Experience opent een tijdelijke tentoonstelling met de outfits van de finalisten van 2019 van de Redress Design Award - 's werelds grootste wedstrijd voor duurzaam modeontwerp. De unieke stukken van de finalisten zijn gemaakt via upcycling, zero waste en/of reconstructietechnieken. [ENGELS ARTIKEL]

12 December 2019

AMSTERDAM- As of December 12th the Fashion for Good Experience opens a temporary exhibition with the outfits of the finalists of the Redress Design Award 2019. Redress is the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition from Hong Kong. The unique pieces of the finalists are made by means of upcycling, have “zero waste” or have been assembled with various reconstruction techniques. They are designed by international game changers, with the aim to transform the fashion industry.

The exhibition was officially opened by the founder of Redress, Christina Dean and Managing Director of Fashion for Good, Katrin Ley. The opening was attended by students from various fashion schools in Amsterdan such as AMFI and Artemis, and a small group of press, influencers and industry experts were also present.

Writer and sustainable lifestyle expert – and former Redress jury member – Marieke Eyskoot moderated the event and asked Christina a few questions on stage and guided the Q&A with the audience. Anna Schuster (Germany), one of the finalists of the competition, was present at the event, she presented her modern looks for men, made with various techniques such as patchwork, crocheted elements and various repair techniques.

The Redress Design Award 2019 received applications from 43 different countries. The competition promotes sustainable designs and techniques to stimulate growth towards a circular fashion system. First place went to Maddie Williams (UK). The prize includes making its own upcycled retail collection for REVERB, from the JNBY Group, one of China’s largest fashion houses. Winner Maddie used various upcycling and reconstruction techniques in her collection; for example, with the use of textile waste, old yarn and second-hand clothing, thus coming to a zero waste outfit. She is very enthusiastic about winning the Redress Design Award: “That my collection will be included in a commercially upcycled label will be a great learning curve for me! I am going to make an enormous effort to ensure that sustainable, circular principles are central to everything I do. This is the time to tackle today’s environmental problems.”

All outfits of this exhibit in the Fashion for Good Experience are carefully styled on mannequins from Mannequino, the world’s first modular mannequin, designed for a circular economy. The exhibition can be seen daily from the 13th of December 2019 to 13th of January 2020 in the Fashion for Good Experience at Rokin 102 in Amsterdam and entry is free.


About Redress

Redress is an environmental and innovative NGO with a mission to prevent and transform textile waste to catalyse a circular economy and reduce fashion’s water, chemical and carbon footprints. Their programmes work to change mindsets and practices to stop the creation of textile waste now and in the future, as well as creating systems and partnerships that generate and showcase value in existing waste.

The Redress Design Award (formerly the EcoChic Design Award) is the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition. The competition works to educate emerging fashion designers around the world about sustainable design theories and techniques in order to drive growth towards a circular fashion system. By putting sustainable design talent in the global spotlight, the competition creates a unique platform for passionate and talented fashion game-changers to transform the global fashion industry and rewards the best with career-changing prizes to maximise long-term impact.

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