New exhibition “Patchwork 2020” by Tess van Zalinge in Fashion for Good Museum

The Fashion for Good Museum launches the new exhibition “Patchwork 2020” by Dutch designer Tess van Zalinge, exploring the boundaries of physical and digital design.

Image credit: Vivian Hoorn

30 September 2020

AMSTERDAM – The Fashion for Good Museum launches the new exhibition  “Patchwork 2020” by Dutch designer Tess van Zalinge, exploring the  boundaries of physical and digital design. As such, the opening is an  entirely digital event, with a special live broadcast with Tess from her  Amsterdam studio, in which she explains the process and thoughts behind  her new demi-couture collection, and Fashion for Good’s Experience  Manager Gwen Boon takes the audience through the exhibition in the  Fashion for Good Museum. A unique virtual gathering in which, together  with the public, we will discover how we can change the fashion industry.

The Patchwork 2020 expo is inspired by the most iconic pieces from Tess van Zalinge’s  archive. The looks represent the designer’s signature, in which she experiments, improves  and innovates. New steps are taken in terms of silhouette and fit, both on a virtual and on a  craft level. In terms of craftsmanship, patchwork plays the largest role in the collection. 

Gwen Boon explains: “Tess’ 2020 collection has been fully upcycled, digitally and physically  created and approaches sustainability in a new way, a perfect match with our current theme at the museum ‘A Cut Above’ in which we look at the many ways that we can design, make  and wear fashion differently ”. 

But the exhibition is not yet complete. Tess, together with Designer Floor Nijdeken and  Projectbureau-x, has created an installation especially for Patchwork 2020, where visitors to  the museum can work together on a patchwork. In this way, anyone can contribute to a new  demi-couture piece which Tess will finish after the exhibition; a symbolic gesture to how we  can change the industry together. Designer Floor Nijdeken creates social installations using  embroidery or, in this case, patchwork pieces, where different generations can work together  on a collective product and thus generate engagement with visitors. 

In order to share as many insights as possible behind the development of the Patchwork  2020 collection, Fashion for Good is organising exclusive tours given by Tess van Zalinge  herself. A unique moment to walk through the museum with Tess and see everything up  close. 

Tess van Zalinge: “I would very much like to give the next generation of designers a  glimpse into what the future of the design process might look like and I hope this will  inspire others to design sustainably!” 

The tours are scheduled for October 15th from 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM, November 4th, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM and November 26th 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM. 

Patchwork 2020 by Tess van Zalinge can be seen from October 1st to November 30th in the  Fashion for Good Museum at Rokin 102 in Amsterdam. The museum is open 6 days a week,  in-person visits are entirely compliant to COVID-19 regulations. We strongly recommend that  visitors wear a mask and a reservation for a visit is required.



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