Mar 29, 2017

Launchpad exhibition opens its doors.

Interview with Erik Schilp, managing partner of the consultancy boutique VISSCH+STAM and curator of the launchpad exhibition of the Fashion for Good Experience.

Can you explain the launchpad exhibition’s role in Fashion for Good. Why was it set up? 

The launchpad exhibition of the Fashion for Good Experience is the consumer-focused initiative of Fashion for Good. The exhibition shows the context of the initiative and triggers visitors to think of fashion as a force for good, and encourages them to contribute their own ideas and connect with Fashion for Good. It is set up to be open and accessible to everyone, and encourage people to join the movement.

The launchpad exhibition is also a platform on which we can build future initiatives. The current exhibition at Rokin 102 in Amsterdam is not a permanent display, but rather a first step in a longer journey about fashion as a force for good.

What’s your favourite part of the exhibition? 

The launchpad exhibition of the Fashion for Good Experience tells many different stories and offers visitors different ways in which to engage with the content. It is this combination of approaches that is my favourite part.

It starts on the ground floor in the Activation Room, which is a playful photo opportunity for visitors. Many people will take their next profile picture in that room. In the central hallway we explain what Fashion for Good is and why we need to change the world of fashion. We do that with facts about the fashion industry. Up the stairs, in the Story Forest, innovators tell stories and visitors are inspired to share their own ideas. These are just some of the layers in the exhibition.

What was the hardest part about putting this exhibition together? 

The hardest part of any exhibition is to get the story right and choose the right combination of approaches to make the exhibition’s message appealing to different audiences. Fashion for Good tells a very important story, but it can also be complicated. We want to reach as many people as possible which makes this balancing act even more precarious. I think that we, together with the team of Local Projects, managed to strike the right balance for this first exhibition. I’m excited to see how our audiences will respond to it.

Build-up of the launchpad exhibition
Build-up of the launchpad exhibition