Fashion for Good Launches New Shop Theme

Fashion for Good celebrates the launch of a new theme: COLOUR, in their Good Shop. COLOUR explores the alternative methods to colouring textiles and footwear showcasing six inventive brands and designers challenging current dyeing and colouring processes in the fashion industry.

7 June 2019

AMSTERDAM- Fashion for Good celebrates the launch of a new theme: COLOUR, in their Good Shop. COLOUR explores the alternative methods to colouring textiles and footwear showcasing six inventive brands and designers challenging current dyeing and colouring processes in the fashion industry. Whether it be through naturally sourced dyes by artisanal dyer Audrey Louise Reynolds. Or transforming plant-based substances to engineer an organically coloured collection of vegan shoes like Belgian designer Mats Rombaut. Or using cutting edge technology from WeaReSpinDye to colour backpacks for Fjällräven.

Joining Fashion for Good’s Experience Manager, Gwen Boon, to introduce the new theme is ambassador Milou Turpijn (Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Health, YouTuber ‘Yoga met Milou’ and DJ Ohmylou) who officially opened the launch event to a select group of press, influencers and friends. Milou interviewed guest designer and sustainability consultant Audrey Louise Reynolds – who according to the NY Times is the fashion world’s artisanal dyer and has been featured in The Selby WSJ, Vogue.

We believe there are better ways to colour our clothes without causing harm. The brands presented in the Fashion for Good – Good Shop each have a unique approach to colour, giving us vibrant options to brighten our wardrobes while painting a brave new path forward for fashion. The COLOUR theme doesn’t only showcase these brands in the Good Shop, it also functions as an overarching driver for our programming in the upcoming three months. We organise events, workshops and panel discussions aligned around COLOUR, dyeing, digital printing and more. Visitors can join for the chance to dive into the topic with leading experts, expand their knowledge, and learn from innovators about the pioneering solutions changing the industry and what they can do to make change happen.

Following the previous two successful themes, SPLASH and NAKED, COLOUR continues to demonstrate that Good Fashion is not only possible, it’s within our reach. For the next three months, COLOUR introduces a global audience to the innovations used by familiar brands such as Tommy Jeans, Fjällräven, adidas and POPUPSHOP but also to the trailblazing of techniques of pioneers like Audrey Louise Reynolds and Rombaut.

Colour has a rich history in fashion, shading our clothing so we can express who we are. Natural dyes were once the standard throughout the industry, but synthetic dyes which created more brilliant, and a wider range of tints, quickly replaced them. Using 5 trillion litres a year, fabric dyeing now accounts for 20% of global water pollution and is responsible for countless health and environmental issues from the 8000 chemicals used in the process.

A selection of the featured brands will be available in a brick-and-mortar store for the first time in Europe in the Good Shop in the Fashion for Good Experience, Amsterdam and are showcased to the public starting June 6th.

“Rombaut wants to show fashion can be both exciting and sustainable, that’s why we are thrilled to partner with Fashion for Good and fight for the same cause together!”Mats Rombaut founder Rombaut.


  • Audrey Louise Reynolds scavenges ingredients from the environment to create all natural, artisanal dyes and advises major brands around the world on how to colour better.
  • Bella Hadid’s favourite shoes, which also happen to be entirely vegan, make their way into the Good Shop courtesy of Belgian designer Mats Rombaut whose lettuce sandals have been exploding on Instagram.
  • Fjällräven uses an innovative technique to colour their polyester that was developed by WeaReSpinDye, an alumni innovator of the Fashion for Good Accelerator Programme.
  • The PVH Denim Centre in Amsterdam is the first innovation centre of its kind, where the recycled Tommy Jeans are created.

About Fashion for Good 
Fashion for Good is the global initiative that is here to make all fashion good. It’s a global platform for innovation, made possible through collaboration and community. With an open invitation to the entire apparel industry, Fashion for Good convenes brands, producers, retailers, suppliers, non-profit organisations, innovators and funders united in their shared ambition. 

At the core of Fashion for Good is our innovation platform. Through our Fashion for Good-Plug and Play Accelerator we give promising start-up innovators the expertise and access to funding they need in order to grow. Our Scaling Programme supports innovations that have passed the proof-of-concept phase, with a dedicated team that offers bespoke support and access to expertise, customers and capital. Our Good Fashion Fund will catalyse access to finance to shift at scale to more sustainable production methods. 

Fashion for Good also acts as a convener for change. In October 2018 the Fashion for Good Experience has opened: the world’s first interactive tech museum dedicated to sustainable fashion innovation. In its hub in Amsterdam, Fashion for Good also houses a Circular Apparel Community co-working space, creates open-source resources like its Good Fashion Guide about circular apparel.  

Fashion for Good’s programmes are supported by founding partner C&A Foundation and corporate partners adidas, C&A, BESTSELLER, Galeries Lafayette Group, Kering, Otto Group, PVH Corp., Stella McCartney, Target and Zalando.

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