Use our Museum as your classroom

One of the Fashion for Good Museum’s major aims is to drive behavioural change in the wider community to activate each other, inspiring change around how we buy and consume clothing. We believe that an impactful step to achieving this goal is by creating an active and dynamic educational programme, where we can welcome young people of all age groups both locally and internationally in the museum.

Our educational programmes

Change starts with the new generation of industry professionals, but also with the individual consumer. Our educational programmes and tours help younger generations understand their role in the narrative, giving them the knowledge and tools to take action and change fashion for the better.

    Primary Education - The Journey of a T-shirt

    During the Journey of a T-shirt programme, students explore the entire value chain of a cotton T-shirt – meaning how it’s made – from farmer to consumer. Where they learn about the production processes through hands-on interactive elements and challenging assignments. The students will learn about the clothes they wear and where they come from, analysing their own clothing to discover the answers as well as the best ways to care for their clothing and what to do with old items. They will explore their own fashion behaviour, habits and the actions they can take to have a positive impact on people and our planet.

    Secondary Education - TAKE ACTION, CHANGE FASHION!

    The TAKE ACTION, CHANGE FASHION! programme challenges students to become true changemakers. Exploring the Fashion for Good Museum, they will discover tips, actions and challenges, collecting them with an RFID bracelet to create their own Good Fashion Action Plan of simple, conscious and sustainable steps to kick start their Good Fashion Journey.

    MBO/HBO Toolkit – Classroom of the Future: the stories behind cotton


    Educational toolkit Classroom of the Future: the stories behind cotton takes students on a six session journey exploring the impact of cotton on people and our planet. Simultaneously, students are encouraged to follow, recognise and map their own learning and design process. They also gain understanding of how history and stories around a material can have impact on the present and the future as the next generation of makers. This toolkit is adaptable and suitable for MBO and HBO education students with a focus on creative studies like fashion, art and design. Teachers are also encouraged to use the tools as a base to apply in their own contexts. 

    MBO - The Circular Fashion Programme

    The Circular Fashion Programme at Fashion for Good Museum is designed and targeted completely towards the next generation entering the workforce – vocational education students (MBO). During the programme, students will be guided through the museum by a tour guide to learn about circularity in fashion and how this could be translated into their own work in the future.

    Primary Schools - Cultuurbus

    Visit the Fashion for Good Museum with the Cultuurbus. The Cultuurbus offers free transport by bus for Amsterdam based Primary Schools to cultural institutions in Amsterdam. The Cultuurbus is a Mocca project subsidised by the Municipality of Amsterdam.

    Teacher Pass

    The Fashion for Good Teacher Pass grants free access to the Fashion for Good Museum all year round, providing schools with the opportunity to learn more about the Fashion for Good educational programmes.

    Two passes are issued per school and are valid for the entire school year, giving the entire teaching staff the opportunity to be inspired by groundbreaking fashion innovations, become familiar with the concept of circularity and sustainability and learn more about how to actively communicate the importance of sustainability with students. The passes can only be issued to schools located in the Netherlands.

    Kids Corner

    Visiting the Fashion for Good Museum is also a fun activity for kids and families.

    For curious young minds there’s the Fashion for Good Kids Corner! This is a special space in the museum where kids can get creative and dream up their own version of the future of fashion, right here in the museum.

    We have a few activities available that are designed to be as fun and interactive as possible for 8-12 year olds and are available in Dutch and English. Here the kids – or innovators and designers of the future as we’d like to call them – can celebrate their birthdays, attend workshops or join educational programmes.

    Kids Birthday Party

    Celebrate your birthday in the Fashion for Good Museum! During your party celebration you will go on The Journey of a T-shirt. The workshop will start with a short tour explaining how a T-shirt is made. After the introduction, the design workshop will start where you will decorate your own sustainable, fashion-forward T-shirt with natural dyes made from avocados, coffee and turmeric, as well as fun fabric markers and ‘off-cut’ embellishments!