Our Purpose

The aim of the Fashion for Good Foundation is to promote and stimulate a sustainable and responsible clothing industry, which means, clothing produced with attention to the impact on people and the environment and, also, directly or indirectly related to or for this purpose or may be beneficial to this, everything in the broadest sense of the word, provided that it is in the general interest.

Stichting Fashion for Good (Fashion for Good Foundation) was incorporated on 17 October 2017. It has an at arm’s length service contract relationship with Fashion for Good BV which hosts the Innovation Platform activities.

How do we achieve our goal

  • Establishing the Fashion for Good Museum, a sustainable fashion museum where the developments and innovations in the clothing industry are brought to the attention of a wide audience.

  • Collaborating with parties that have innovative ideas regarding the clothing industry.

  • Developing a community of likeminded individuals in order to catalyse a movement whose reach extends far beyond the foundation.

  • Performing all such legitimate activities that are necessary, useful or desirable to promote, establish or achieve the objectives of the foundation.

Annual Report & Policy Plan

Annual Report 2020

ANBI Form 2020

Annual Report 2019

Annual Report 2018

Policy Plan

Annual report 2021

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Meet our team

    Amber Witte

    Alyxandra Westwood

    Anne Ro Klevant Groen Fashion for Good

    Anne-Ro Klevant Groen

    Camilla Rama

    Carla Ferraro

    Dionne Heuts

    Earl Singh Fashion for Good

    Earl Singh

    Gwen Boon

    Hester Mauduit

    Hannah Mccollam

    James Gallagher

    Janneke Noij

    Katy Orozco

    Katya Komlach

    Katrin Ley

    Layla Baron

    Lana Miller

    Renée Buitendijk

    Rosalie van der Harst

    Sophie Rijkmans

    Sophie van Duren

    Yael Vink


Supervision & Management

In addition to laws and regulations, the Fashion for Good Foundation applies the principles of the Culture Governance Code (the “Code”) and Code of Ethics for Museums. The foundation believes it is important that its purpose is implemented in a transparent and honest manner through division of responsibilities. The Fashion for Good Foundation periodically tests its way of working, policies, website annual report against the Code. These rules apply to all Board members and staff (directly and indirectly employed) of Fashion for Good Foundation; they are encouraged to actively apply the rules of the Code.

The Fashion for Good Foundation has a Board with five members (Board Fashion for Good Foundation). The Board is responsible for setting strategic direction and steering the general course of affairs. The term of appointment is set at a maximum of four years.

  • The daily activities of the Foundation are executed by the Experience Manager, who has the following responsibilities:
  • Planning & implementation of themes, events, and special programmes
  • Engaging and managing relationships with Donors
  • Execution and monitoring of Experience KPI’s
  • Preparation of reporting requirements (e.g. board meeting documents)


The remuneration policy of Fashion for Good Foundation fits the character of the institution and is in accordance with statutory regulations. The members of the Board receive no remuneration for their work.

Independence & Integrity

Independence and integrity are important pillars of the Fashion for Good Foundation and are incorporated into the Code. Specifically, principle 3 reads: “Directors and Supervisors are independent and act with integrity. They are alert to conflicts of interest, avoid unwanted conflicts of interest and handle conflicts of interest in a transparent and careful manner.” The Board oversees, discusses, and evaluates possible conflicts of interest during its meetings. The Board is open about this within the organisation and to external stakeholders.


Stichting Fashion for Good is recognised by the Dutch tax authorities as an ANBI. ANBI stands for Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling or public benefit organisation.

  • Phone: (+31) 20 261 9680
  • Visiting Address:  Rokin 102, 1012 KZ Amsterdam
  • Mailing Address:  Watersteeg 3, 1012 KZ Amsterdam
  • RSIN:  858038262
  • KvK:  69852537

Board Fashion for Good Foundation

Fashion for Good Foundation currently has a Board with five members:

    Albert Brenninkmeijer (Chair)

    Albert Brenninkmeijer is Managing Director at Anthos Fund & Asset Management, a Cofra Holding AG entity that provides comprehensive values-based asset management. Albert brings 25 years of experience in the fashion and sustainability space with him. Before joining Anthos, Albert has worked with C&A, a leading global fashion retailer, holding various positions across the business on different continents, with his last assignment being in the role of Chief Operating Officer, Global Sourcing based in Hong Kong, SAR China. Albert served on the boards of Laudes Foundation (formerly C&A Foundation) and C&A Global Sustainability.

    Leslie Johnston (Vice Chair)

    Leslie Johnston launched Laudes Foundation as its first Chief Executive Officer in January 2020, bringing over 20 years of management experience across multiple sectors. At Laudes Foundation, she is leading the development of its initial vision, strategy and operating model to deliver on its aspiration for global markets that value all people and respect nature. Previously, she headed C&A Foundation as its Executive Director, repositioning it as a global catalyst to make fashion a force for good.

    Siebe Weide (Secretary)

    Siebe Weide (1968) is a self employed strategic advisor in the world of Arts and Heritage. Before he was director of the Netherlands Museums Association and the Museumkaart foundation (2006-2019) and the Association of Dutch Rockvenues and Festivals (2001-2006). He started his career as a policy advisor at the Ministry of Culture in The Netherlands. Weide got his master in Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

    Stefan Hafner (Treasurer)

    Ancillary Positions: Head of Tax, COFRA Foundation Member of the Board, COFRA Foundation Member of the Board Redevco Foundation

    Jose Teunissen (General Board member)

    Professor José Teunissen is Dean of the School of Design and Technology at London College of Fashion, UAL, and Professor of Fashion Theory. Currently she is the principal investigator of 3 European funded projects around Fashion Tech and digital learning (E4FT, FT Alliance, DeFINE) José also works as a freelance fashion curator.

Advisory Council

    Marian Duff (Chairperson)

    Marian is the founder of OSCAM and MAFB. At OSCAM (Open Space Contemporary Art Museum), Marian works on various exhibitions in collaboration with partners, affiliated institutions and artists such as PATTA, Bonnefanten, Decoratelier Nationale Opera & Ballet. Through MAFB, Marian develops educational programmes in collaboration with various museums in order to help creative talent grow.

    Elles van Vegchel

    Elles is director of the Laurenskerk Rotterdam and responsible for the cultural programming, preservation and exploitation of the monument. Until 2021 she was Head of Museum Affairs at the Textile Museum in Tilburg, where she was responsible for exhibitions, programming, acquisition, education and public tours, in addition to being an advisor to the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK). Elles has previously worked at Hermitage and NEMO Science Museum

    Marjolein van Breemen

    Marjolein is the Deputy Programme Director of NEMO Science Museum. She is in charge of all programs of the museum, NEMO Kennislink and in that role connects the networks of museums, scientific and educational institutes. Marjolien holds a seat on the Executive committee of the Ecsite Board, the European Association of Science Museums and Science Centers.

    Mick Groeneveld

    Mick is the founder of Branding Equality and a freelance marketing professional with broad experience in the cultural sector has worked on inclusive campaigns, aimed at authenticity, innovation and linking young urban adults to cultural brands such as the Anne Frank House and Eye Filmmuseum.

    Stephan Alspeer

    Stephen works as an interim brand culture strategist and entrepreneur of a media consultancy agency for clients such as RTL, NPO, Municipality of Amsterdam, DeLamar theater, Unilever and P&G. In addition, co-founder of IncludeNow, an organization that is committed to an inclusive marketing and communication industry.