Profile & Composition of the Board

The starting consideration overall is that the size of the Board of Fashion for Good Foundation must be such that as a whole it can perform its duties effectively and responsibly and that for each individual member of the Board there is the possibility to contribute specific expertise.

The Board will discuss the desired profile and the composition and competence of the Board at least once a year.

This Board Profile must be taken into account for every (re)appointment of members of the Board.



The profile of the Board has been established based on the standard in Corporate law that a Board must be composed ‘properly’. This means:

  • The Board must be balanced, diverse expertise is required.
  • The Board must be composed so members can operate independently and critically with regard to each other and the management. When appointing, make sure that this does not stand in the way of conflicts of interest.
  • The appearance of a concentration of power must be avoided.
  • In addition to the aforementioned characteristics, the Board members must comply with the profile below.



  • Each member has an affinity with the mission of the Fashion for Good Foundation
  • Each member can act as a sparring partner for the management & staff
  • Each member has the attitude of a supervisor, not the ambition to lead the organisation itself
  • Each act as an ambassador of the Foundation to the outside world and has an international orientation
  • A member has relevant financial and economic knowledge
  • A member has experience as a responsible manager of a large organisation or company
  • A member has substantive museum expertise (museum art, collection, education, digital)
  • A member has experience as a fundraiser / sponsor supervisor and a respectable network
  • Preferably, one or a few members of the Board meet the following criteria: is familiar with multiple cultures, is of the female gender, is less than 40 years old or lives in the Amsterdam area.
  • Regardless of specific expertise, each member can demonstrate the following qualities: broad societal experience, wisdom and discretion in judgment, independence and impartiality and an open eye for societal developments
  • Additional profile criteria of the chairman: proven leadership qualities