Why join

The Fashion for Good Innovation Programme is for startups driving innovation in sustainability, circularity and transparency to make all fashion good.

What we offer

We work closely with our Corporate Partners to select the most promising innovators from around the globe. Every year we invite 15-20 innovators to join our Global and Asia Innovation Programmes – no fees or equity required.

  • Intensive Innovation Programme with no fees and no equity required

  • Targeted introductions to select brands, manufacturers, and industry experts, as well as pilot brainstorming with the Fashion for Good team

  • Connections to our investor network and potential access to early, mid and late-stage funding

  • Dedicated mentors with technical, sustainable and commercial expertise

  • Regular forums for innovator interaction to build networks, share insights and move towards scaling

  • An active alumni network of 150+ leading sustainable innovators with access to our latest resources and global reach

What are we looking for?

We look specifically for innovations that fall under one or multiple of the following focus areas:

  • Raw Materials

  • Processing

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail & Use

  • End-of-Use

  • Transparency & Traceability

Meet our mentors

    Adriana Galijasevic

    Alexie Sommer

    Alison Cole

    Amish Gosai

    Andrew Filarowksi

    Anupam Prasad

    Ashish Dhir

    Ben Galphin

    David Thompson

    Dr Siva Pariti

    Dr. Yasir Nawab

    Fosca Poltronieri

    Giusy Bettoni

    Lara Pizzato

    Lasse Lindqvist

    Julian Harris

    Laura Francois

    Lin Gong-Deutschmann

    Michael Boschmans

    Michel Oldehaver

    Nicole van der Elst Desai

    Olof Hoverfält

    Pedro Magalhães

    Robert Peroni

    Prachi Jain

    Prasad Pant

    Richa Pandey

    Ross Polk

    Sandra Steving

    Shawn S. Novel

    Sophie Mather

    Zazie Tolmer


    The Fashion for Good is a really intense, well thought out programme, lots of input from different brands and it gives you a really good introduction to the industry.
    Peter Thieron
    NORMN Hangers
    Fashion for Good has been instrumental in helping us overcome the biggest challenge any start-up has in entering a market, which is making a network with the right connections.
    Orr Yarkoni
    The textile industry is on the brink of an incredible transformation. The Scaling Programme of Fashion for Good builds the invaluable setting necessary to translate scientific breakthroughs into technologies that usher in this transformation.
    Akshay Sethi
    Fashion for Good’s ability to stimulate collaboration between like-minded fashion brands and cutting-edge tech companies will change the future of fashion sustainability.
    Peter Majeranowski
    Tyton Biosciences
    Our hopes for the Scaling Programme are to run trials with the biggest companies in the industry (Fashion for Good’s corporate partners) and to be able to quantify our positive environmental impact. This is a fantastic opportunity to work with a group of amazing people that give their best to make the world a better place.
    Roy Hirsch
    The support we have received from Fashion for Good through the Accelerator – and now the Scaling Programme, means so much to us. The Accelerator helped us shift our business model and focus in order to help us get into the market faster and the Scaling Programme provides validation from the market place that our pigment is needed. We hope to have pilot programs with brand partners in place and even completed by the end of the programme. 
    Jane Palmer
    Nature Coatings