Focus Areas

    Raw Materials

    The fashion supply chain starts with the sourcing and extraction of raw materials. A significant portion of a material’s environmental footprint is determined at this stage.


    Processing includes the pretreatment, colouration and finishing of fibres, yarns, fabrics to achieve the performance and aesthetic properties desired by brands and consumers.

    Manufacturing & Retail

    The manufacturing and retail stage aims to reduce textile waste accumulation and over production, to optimise efficiency, and to extend the life of products.

    End of Use

    End-of-use looks to extend the life of materials and garments by enabling technologies, infrastructure and innovations that can redirect garments into recycling and reuse.

    Transparency & Traceability

    Transparency and traceability is the process of making information available to understand how fibres and materials were sourced, processed and produced through the supply chain.


    While there is an extensive pipeline of innovations emerging across the supply chain, significant investment is required to pilot, implement and scale these solutions.

Fashion for Good Develops a Sustainable Dyestuff Library

Published on 04/04/2023
Today, Fashion for Good launches Dyestuff Library, a digital tool enabling partners to choose sustainable dyestuff based on competitive performance and environmental metrics for commercial use.
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