While there is an extensive pipeline of innovations emerging across the supply chain, significant investment is required to pilot, implement and scale these solutions. The amount of capital available in the textile innovation space is still small in comparison to the magnitude of the problem, access to early and mid-stage venture capital funding is one the most pressing elements hindering innovations from progressing.


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    Model poses with a piece made with recycled materials at a fashion show. REUTERS/Ann Wang

    Green is the new black as fashion sector fast-forwards on sustainability trend

    Fashion companies to look at making business models more circular in a bid to reduce supply chain risks.

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    Good Fashion Fund's First Investment Demonstrates Impact

    Since the investment has been made by the Good Fashion Fund, Pratibha Syntex Limited has installed new spinning equipment, solar panels, a continuous tumble dryer, and made enhancements to effluent treatment, with impact results surpassing 50% savings in all key areas.
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    Increased investment key to accelerating Europe’s textile recycling

    As fibre-to-fibre textile recycling commitments increase across Europe, as well as the amount of textile waste collected, the infrastructure required to drive the move towards circular systems requires significant investment to scale.

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    Unlocking the Trillion-Dollar Fashion Decarbonisation Opportunity

    A new report “Unlocking the Trillion-Dollar Fashion Decarbonisation Opportunity: Existing and Innovative Solutions”, co-authored by Fashion for Good and Apparel Impact Institute, maps out the financial trajectory of the fashion industry to meet the net-zero ambition. 
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    The Fashion Industry Could Reduce Emissions—if It Wanted To

    It’s common practice for apparel brands to hop from factory to factory in search of cost savings. This needs to change, but this requires the necessary funding. The Apparel Impact Institute and Fashion for Good estimate that it will take a trillion dollars in global investment to decarbonize the industry. Their new report calls it an investment “opportunity,” but brands are not exactly climbing over each other to get involved.

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    Sustainability Scanner: Making Fashion Good Again

    Amsterdam-based fashion and textile innovation platform Fashion For Good’s funding initiative to aid sustainable manufacturing, the Good Fashion Fund (GFF) has signed its first deal with Pratibha Syntex Limited (PSL). The Indian textile and apparel manufacturer receives a $4.5 million long-term loan as part of the deal. Initiated in 2019, GFF provides long-term funding to the textile and apparel industry in Asia to achieve the Five Goods — Good Energy, Good Water, Good Materials, Good Lives, and Good Economy.

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    Good Fashion Fund To Assist Pratibha Syntex To Go Sustainable

    Pratibha Syntex Limited, an Indian manufacturer, has struck an agreement with the Good Fashion Fund, a fund established by Fashion for Good to promote sustainable manufacturing practices. Pratibha Syntex’s anticipated capital expenditures for updating machinery and expanding sustainable equipment in several divisions will be supported by the $4.5 million long-term loans. The $4.5 million investment will be used to replace gear in the spinning, processing, and garmenting divisions, as well as to purchase new equipment to expand their operations and facilities.

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    Why big brands are investing in sustainability start-ups

    When Fashion for Good first launched four years ago, it started with a handful of brands and retailers as its corporate partners. Now, it counts manufacturers among its collaborators too. “We realised how important it was to get those upstream suppliers at the same table,” said Brittany Burns, director of strategy and development at Fashion for Good. “We felt like it was really important to create these opportunities for a cross-pollination of ideas, but [also] co-development across the industry.”

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