There’s change on a personal level, then there’s change on an industry level. By engaging your communities and reaching out to brands, you have an important role to play in signalling to the industry that Good Fashion is here to stay.



Message your favourite brand. Reach out and tell companies what issues are important to you. The more people reach out, the more companies will realise that their customers care about social and environmental issues.

Ask about worker empowerment. What does your favourite brand do to empower the people in their supply chain? Ask them by sending an email or tweet. Your question might push them to prioritise the issue.

Become a storyteller. The next time someone compliments what you’re wearing, tell them a story about it. By sharing your clothing connections, you reinforce the idea that clothes have value and are not disposable.

Ask #whomademyclothes. Mark your calendar for Fashion Revolution Day on 24 April. That day, reach out to your favourite brand on social media with a photo of your clothing label and ask #whomademyclothes?

Host a movie night. Get friends together to watch “The True Cost” — a documentary about how our clothes are made. After, share your impressions and maybe even make a group commitment to adjust your habits.

Vote your values. Research your policymakers’ opinions on issues like the environment, climate change and human rights. Engage with them and remember their stances when the next election comes around.

Strike a pose and share on social. Strike a pose in our Good GIF booth and share with the hashtag #FashionforGood on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. By spreading the word, you can help attract more people to the Good Fashion Movement.

Sharing is caring. Think of one person in your life that would find Fashion for Good interesting. Send them a message sharing what you learned to help us build a global Good Fashion Movement.




  • Fashion Revolution Resources [Tools] — An extensive collection of guides, handbooks, posters, graphics and other tidbits to support your revolutionary efforts.
  • The True Cost [Film] — A powerful documentary about how our clothes are made by filmmaker Andrew Morgan.
  • Happy Listening: 14 of the Best Fashion Podcasts [Article] — A list of ethical fashion podcasts that can help you stay updated on the latest issues.
  • A New Textiles Economy: Redesigning Fashion’s Future [Report] — This report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation outlines a vision and sets out ambitions and actions – based on the principles of a circular economy – to design out negative impacts and capture a USD 500 billion economic opportunities by truly transforming the way clothes are designed, sold, and used.


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