Take Action. Change Fashion.

Good Fashion is a journey. It’s not just about how you buy clothes, but also how you consider the role of fashion in your life. A curated closet, a preference for sustainable materials, a commitment to treasure your clothes — what it looks like is entirely up to you. Through our Fashion for Good Museum and on this site, we share ideas for taking action to change the future of fashion, both on a personal and industry level. We also sell a range of books and magazines on sustainable fashion if you are looking for further resources and want to support us in another way!

We realize that becoming a more conscious shopper can be a little scary. That’s why we have clustered these actions around 5 categories that connect to the way most people interact with fashion — from when you

CONSIDER whether you need new clothes, when you CHOOSE what to buy, to how you USE the item once you own it, to how you find a creative REUSE for the item once you are ready to pass it on. And because Good Fashion can’t happen in a bubble, we also offer some ideas on how to ACTIVATE brands and the people around you for a better fashion future.

So, are you ready to jump in? The journey starts here.