What are the most promising new innovations?

Fashion for Good aims to make all fashion good. Innovation is key to achieving that goal.

Fashion for Good aims to make all fashion good. Innovation is key to achieving that goal.

Led by Plug and Play and founding partner Kering, the Fashion for Good’s Early-stage Innovation Accelerator programme is designed to give promising start-up innovators the resources and expertise they need to grow. The Accelerator will identify, nurture and accelerate disruptive early-stage circular technologies and business models, with the aim of fast tracking the transition to a good fashion industry.

Selected start-ups will be part of a 12-week acceleration programme during which they’ll be given hands-on support through mentorship and corporate/VC introductions to help scale their early-stage innovations. During this period, the innovators will be invited to become residents in the amazing offices housed in the Fashion for Good building in Amsterdam.

Those attending last week’s public launch of Fashion for Good got a taster of the enormous range of innovations there are in store for this programme. 20 start-ups each gave a short, impassioned speech outlining why they should be chosen for the programme. A panel of 12 jurors are currently deciding on the ten start-ups that will become the first batch of innovators accepted into the programme. The innovators will be announced early next week.

Stay tuned!

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