Meet the Innovator: Oritain

Oritain applies forensic and data science to verify the origin of products and raw materials.
Image via Oritain


7 August 2023

Through our global Innovation Platform, Fashion for Good supports critical innovations on their journey to scale, providing hands-on project management, access to funding and expertise, and collaborations with brands and manufacturers to accelerate implementation in the fashion supply chain. In this series, we are proud to introduce some of the groundbreaking innovators who are driving the change to make fashion a force for good.


Supply chain transparency and traceability are becoming increasingly important factors for consumers. But with the complexity of supply chains in the textile industry, knowing exactly where and how each piece of a garment was made is not an easy task. 

Oritain provides a solution to this problem. The innovator can verify and identify fibre and material origin to provide reassurance about the integrity of products. The unique auditing methodology combines forensic science and data to test the geochemical composition of a material, which is unique to the place it is grown. The detected isotopes and trace elements are interpreted to produce an Origin Fingerprint, which gives information from where the material came from, enabling traceability at any point in the supply chain. Soil composition, climate, altitude, precipitation and other environmental factors all reveal the details of a product’s origin!

Once an Origin Fingerprint has been created, it can be used to audit products at any point in the supply chain – to clearly differentiate the legitimate from the fraudulent. And, unlike other traceability methods, it can never be tampered with, replicated or destroyed.



  • 2008

    Oritain is founded in New Zealand by Dr Helen Darling and Professor Russell Frew.

  • 2017

    Oritain partners with Welspun to provide scientific product traceability and announces international partnerships with two of the worlds largest cotton growers — the J.G. Boswell Company in the U.S. and its subsidiary, Auscott Limited of Australia.

  • 2018

    Oritain announces a deal with U.S. cotton association SUPIMA.

    Oritain, Albini Group and Supima announce a partnership that will set a new standard for responsible fashion through the first 100% traceable Supima organic cotton.

  • 2019

    Oritain maps Supima cotton origin, tackling fraud in the global cotton supply chain, and enabling the first true authentication of premium cotton fibre.

    Oritain and COTTON USA sign a partnership to provide industry leading, forensic verification of origin for all U.S. cotton.

  • 2020

    Oritain joins Fashion for Good for bespoke support on their roadmap to scale.

    Cone Denim is the first denim mill to partner with Oritain to offer forensic verification of cotton traceability.

  • 2022

     Lacoste partners with Oritain.

  • 2023

    Oritain partners with the Uruguayan Wool Association to add scientific traceability to its ethical credentials. 

    Oritain raises USD $57 million to supercharge its forensic origin technology to verify products worldwide.


Oritain partners with brands to support their ESG commitments, reduce the risk of fraud and unethical practices and protect their reputation. Companies able to prove the authenticity and quality of their products will gain a competitive advantage, ensuring long-term business by preserving the environment, mitigating product risks, lowering risks for investors, showing progression and innovation, enhancing their brand and communications, and demonstrating to clients and society that they adhere to ethical standards.




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