Meet the Innovator: CuRe Technology

CuRe Technology creates a fully circular polyester chain, by recycling all used polyester, including the colored, mixed, and contaminated!
Image via CuRe Technology.


23 April 2024

Through our global Innovation Platform, Fashion for Good supports critical innovations on their journey to scale, providing hands-on project management, access to funding and expertise, and collaborations with brands and manufacturers to accelerate implementation in the fashion supply chain. In this series, we are proud to introduce some of the groundbreaking innovators who are driving the change to make fashion a force for good.

Polyester is one of the most commonly used plastics. It is used for products like bottles, carpets, and clothes, and brings endless benefits, but it has a huge downside. We are faced with a constantly growing waste mountain. Currently, 91% of all polyester products are not being recycled, because they are coloured or contaminated or contain additives.

CuRe Technology offers a solution to this problem by recycling all used polyester, including the coloured, mixed, and contaminated. The innovator has developed a process of turning polyester-rich textile waste into rPET pellets via a partial glycolysis process.

  • 2018

    CuRe Consortium is formed between the Morssinkhof Group and the DuFor/ Cumapol Group, with strategic partners DSM-Niaga and NHL Stenden University of Applied Science, with the ambition to recycle all polyester waste and making this the new normal.


  • 2020

    CuRe Pilot Plant first phase depolymerisation purification is up and running, in Emmen, with a capacity of 20 kg/hr in a continuous process.

    Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) takes an important step on its journey towards 100% rPET for its plastic bottles by funding CuRe Technology.

  • 2021

    CuRe Pilot Plant expands to second phase repolymerisation.

    CuRe Technology participates in the Fashion for Good Full Circle Textiles Project – Polyester Project.  

  • 2022

    CuRe participates in the T-Rex Project, creating a circular system for post-consumer textile waste. 



Learn more about CuRe’s involvement in the Fashion for Good Full Circle Textiles Project and about T-REX Project

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