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Fashion for Good Museum Launches Educational Toolkit: “The Circular Fashion Programme”

Published on 08/03/2024
Today, the Fashion for Good Museum launches an educational programme for vocational higher education: the Circular Fashion Programme. This programme focuses on sustainable fashion and circularity, and is available for free on the museum website.
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    I learned new hobbies to ditch fast fashion. You can, too.

    It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the statistics: How can we turn the tide when faced with such staggering numbers? The answer, experts say, may lie in both traditional practices and technological innovations. Here’s where my journey started, and how you can start one, too.

    ECOTRIP - "Eurotrip" without a bad conscience: 4 guest-friendly and eco-friendly hotels

    Discover the best true Ecotrip destinations in Europe, including Amsterdam and the Fashion for Good Museum! [SLOVENIAN ARTICLE]


    Award Shortlists 2022

    Fashion for Good was selected in three categories of the Excellence Category shortlists for the 2022 Awards organised by Just Style

    The winners of Bazaar's Women of the Year Awards have been nominated

    With pioneering ideas, Katrin Ley, winner Business category, wants to make the fashion industry more sustainable with her innovation platform and museum Fashion for Good and contribute to a better world. [DUTCH ARTICLE]

    Vogue’s tips for the Museumnacht Amsterdam 2022

    These exhibitions, workshops and parties are not ones you want to miss ! [DUTCH ARTICLE]

    Discover the untold stories of cotton in the new exhibition 'Knowing Cotton Otherwise'

    The unknown, sometimes unexpected perspectives of Cotton have been collected and brought together in the Fashion for Good Museum’s new exhibition “Knowing Cotton Otherwise”, which opens this week. [DUTCH ARTICLE]

    This Fashion for Good exhibition will give you a different perspective of the role of cotton in the fashion industry

    “We want to show that something as banal-looking as cotton has a big impact on the fashion industry, the climate and social communities.” [DUTCH ARTICLE]

    Who is your Woman of the Year 2022? Cast your vote now!

    From women who have been icons for years to up-and-coming athletes, journalists and actors, these women have a chance to become Harper’s Bazaar Woman of the Year 2022. [DUTCH ARTICLE]

    Katrin Ley from Fashion for Good: 'We need to change course: sustainability must become the norm'.

    As managing director, Katrin strives for a more sustainable fashion world. With innovative ideas, she tries to make the fashion industry more sustainable and thus contribute to a better world, so that we can enjoy it for a long time to come. [DUTCH ARTICLE]

    Discover the Past, Present and Future of the Fashion Weeks

    For everyone interested in or passionate about sustainable fashion, there is one hotspot in Amsterdam that has to be on your bucket list: the Fashion For Good museum. Fashion For Good is the world’s first sustainable fashion museum and offers valuable information about the industry, the environment, the impact of certain fabrics

    Fashion for Good Museum - CultuurWerkt!

    The exhibition ‘Fashion Week: A New Era’ in the Fashion for Good Museum celebrates fashion through the years and examines the questions: how did this event become a true fashion phenomenon? How does it affect the fashion industry? What does the future of fashion weeks look like? [DUTCH ARTICLE]

    Fashion for Good Museum

    Katya from the Fashion for Good Museum tells the stories behind the clothes we wear and gives tips on how to make your own wardrobe more sustainable. [DUTCH ARTICLE]

    13 Fashion Exhibitions to Visit in Summer of 2022

    Looking for cultural entertainment across the border or in your own country? FashionUnited lists the most beautiful fashion-oriented exhibitions at home and abroad. [DUTCH ARTICLE]

    Visit Europe’s Greenest City: Why Amsterdam is Pathing The Way For A Sustainable Future

    With a blissful backdrop made up of windy street canals, bright coloured bicycles and tousling tree leaves lining the Dutch cobbles, Amsterdam city centre looks nothing short of a Disney movie. Amongst its historical beauty, liberal culture and world-renowned restaurants, Amsterdam has also become the most sustainable city.

    The Most Beautiful Exhibitions and Expositions in your Neighborhood

    An exposition about women in design, a exhibition of Vogue’s fashion series ‘From Roots We Grow’ and an expo about fashion week. Grab your agenda, you won’t want to miss these. [DUTCH ARTICLE]

    With Ink from Exhaust Gases, Nitin Bal Chauhan Depicts the Culprits of Pollution on his Designs

    In the new exhibition of the Fashion for Good Museum you explore the history and future of the international fashion weeks. Where you can discover the designs of the innovative Indian couturier Nitin Bal Chauhan, painted with ink made from exhaust gases. [DUTCH ARTICLE]

    A new exhibition in Amsterdam features Indian designers championing sustainability

    “Fashion Week: A New Era” by Fashion for Good collaborates with Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) and Lakmé Fashion Week to highlight Indian designers at the exhibit.

    Let's Get Cultural: 5 Funnest Activities During Museumweek

    This week is National Museum Week. That means that museums in all of the Netherlands organised fun activities; from museumnacht to clothing exchange. This article will give you inspiration for fun events this week. [DUTCH ARTICLE]


    Pop-up Expo in Fashion for Good Museum: “Fashion Week: A New Era”

    The exhibition ‘Fashion Week: A New Era’ takes a look into the past, present and future of Fashion Week. Learn how Fashion Week, after its rise in New York City, has spread around the world, see iconic looks from Chanel and Alexander McQueen up close, and discover the creative solution that the COVID-pandemic has yielded. [DUTCH ARTICLE]


    How to Save the Planet? 12 Tips Everyone Can Do

    “How can we save the planet?” This is an urgent question we must ask ourselves, not only related to the fashion industry, but also to everything else. Vogue Italy has created a small monthly guide, containing 12 tips you can do to be more sustainable. Amongst these tips is visiting the Fashion for Good Museum (via an online live tour) for the month of August. [ITALIAN]


    Fashion for Good Museum Launches Mbo Programme for Schools

    The Fashion for Good Museum recently launched the Circular Fashion Program, a post-vocational secondary education (mbo) programme for mbo-students. Developed with the support of VSBfonds and the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, this programme aims to introduce students to circular fashion, as well as showing the importance of a circular system within the fashion industry. [DUTCH ARTICLE]

    Campaign photo of GROW: the future of fashion exposition at the Fashion for Good Museum, Amsterdam

    How You Can Have an Impact as a Consumer on the Fashion Industry

    The thought that sustainable fashion is not trendy is long gone. The Fashion for Good Museum demonstrates that ‘good’, trendy fashion is possible in their newest exposition “GROW: the future of fashion”. Commissioned by the museum, the exhibition displays innovative clothing designs made from banana plant fibers, orange silk, and leather from cork powder and coconuts. [DUTCH ARTICLE, SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED]

    Where Sustainability Meets Design

    Ever wonder how fashion could look good, but also be good for both people and the planet? The new exhibition “GROW: the future of fashion” at the Fashion for Good Museum tackles this exact issue. Commissioned by the museum, four young Dutch design talent and two established designers, Karim Adduchi and Iris van Herpen, transformed brand new, sustainable materials into unique fashion statements.



    ‘GROW: the future of fashion’ Depicts a Future with Biomaterials

    Biodegradable materials which you can use endlessly to create fashion pieces: this might sound as something which is currently out of reach, but the development of biomaterials is accelerating as time passes. And this is good news, knowing that the materials the fashion industry currently uses are harmful for the environment. However, a lot of questions arise when it comes to the topic of natural and sustainable materials. What are biomaterials exactly and what can we do with them as of now? These questions are answered in the newest exposition in the Fashion for Good Museum, called ‘GROW: the future of fashion’, open until April 2022. [DUTCH ARTICLE]

    Fashion for Good Museum Gives Dutch Designers Room to Grow

    Growth is what fashion designers are seeking more than ever and Fashion for Good’s newest exhibition “Grow: The Future of Fashion” illustrates how that can be done with natural and sustainable materials. Commissioned by the museum, young Dutch design talent created unique pieces from these innovative materials which are now on display until April 2022. Seasoned talents Karim Adduchi and Iris van Herpen also contributed to the exposition with designs made from biomaterials.


    Digital Fashion Marks the Opening of Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week

    Digital fashion as a statement against mass production: this was the opening of the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week 2021. Digital artist Meggie van Zwieten presented her Yana collection, consisting of 13 looks on Thursday, September 23rd in the evening at the Fashion for Good Museum [DUTCH ARTICLE].



    Fashion for Good museum in Amsterdam

    Sustainability Never Goes Out of Style for Amsterdam Fashion Industry

    Though Amsterdam as a fashion city might not be known for its couture, it is home to various innovative fashion tech startups, aiming to counter the detrimental impacts of the fashion industry. Alongside these innovators is Fashion for Good, the global initiative which connects stakeholders in the industry to make fashion a force for good.

    These Are The Best Museums In Amsterdam

    Looking for a museum in Amsterdam? Harper’s Bazaar has compiled the best museums in the capital for you to visit. [DUTCH ARTICLE]

    Exhibitions Explore The Notions Around ‘Life’ And ‘Matter’

    Following suit, the Amsterdam-based hub for sustainability Fashion for Good has just launched GROW, a programme led by six talents who are experimenting with biomaterials and the discourse around them. The talents have been chosen by the jury formed by designers Iris Van Herpen and Daan Roosegaarde, BOTTER and Nina Ricci’s creative directors Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh, and Vogue Netherlands’ editor in chief Rinke Tjepkema.

    Fashion for Good selects 6 creatives for Grow talent project

    Fashion for Good, a platform for sustainable fashion innovation, has announced that it has selected six young creative talents for its Grow talent project from a pool of 119 applicants from the Netherlands with the help of its jury of professionals. It is a 3-month programme in which the creatives will create an exhibition for the Fashion for Good museum.

    29 Sustainable Initiatives In The Fashion Industry In April 2021

    On April 6, 2021, the global sustainability initiative Fashion for Good launched a new exhibition called “Grow” at its location in Amsterdam, which is entirely dedicated to biomaterials. It is about substances from fruit waste, mushroom leather, spider silk and dyes from bacteria and algae, but also questions about the topic of what exactly are biomaterials?

    Jackets filled with wildflowers and backpacks in banana fibers, #4 brands devoted to bio-materials

    They come from the future, yet they have always been there: bio-materials , that is, consistencies of biological origin, are today the essential “never again” of maison in search of a sustainable compromise between sufficient production volumes and respect for environment. Studied in the laboratories, their DNA replicated and then transformed into fabric, are today at the center of an exhibition in Amsterdam, Grow, hosted at the Fashion for Good museum until 12 October.

    Fashion for Good Showcases Biomaterials In Latest Exhibition

    In Pictures The Fashion for Good Museum in Amsterdam has launched a new year-long exhibition shining a spotlight on biomaterials.

    The Grow Expo showcases a selection of innovations, designers and brands that are reimaging the materials used in the notoriously polluting fashion industry, from fruit skin fabric and mushroom ‘leather’ to spider-silk and algae dye.

    Fashion for Good Is Looking for Creative Talent for a New Project

    The Amsterdam platform and museum Fashion for Good has a clear mission: to change the system of the fashion industry. Bringing new, more sustainable materials into circulation is one of the most important parts of their struggle. That is why, from July 2021, they are launching the GROW talent project of three months, where innovative materials are used to look at the future through sustainable (er) glasses.

    Fashion for Good is Looking for Creatives for Sustainable Talent Project Grow

    Fashion for Good has started the talent project Grow, a three-month program that starts in July 2021, the organisation reports in a press release. The program focuses on innovative biomaterials to represent the future of sustainable fashion. The garments will be presented afterwards in an exhibition in the Fashion for Good museum in Amsterdam. The only thing that is missing are creatives who want to participate in the project.

    The MET’s ‘About Time’: What is the Museum Industry’s Role in Sustainability?

    As Bolton did, many museum curators are similarly dedicating space and time to exhibits directly focused on climate change. Mass MoCa featured an exhibit called How to Build a Landscape by artist Blane De St. Croix which ventured beyond traditional art forms such as painting – including his own research in the Arctic Circle and Gobi Desert, interviews of scientists on climate issues and three story experiential sculptures. And in Amsterdam, US-based studio Local Projects opened an interactive museum called Fashion for Good aimed directly at changing visitors’ buying habits and encouraging impactful behaviors.


    These party looks emerged from sustainability fans this year

    #LookWhatIFoundInMyCloset! Earlier this month, Fashion for Good and ELLE made a joint plea: this Christmas, dive into your own closet, instead of the web shops, to find the perfect party look. Under the heading #LookWhatIFoundInMyCloset, we shared styling hacks that help you make old items feel like new again. And on Instagram Reels, like-minded people (sustainability supporters and experts) already shared which pearls they showed up from their wardrobe to wear in the coming holidays. Missed? We are not the worst; we also just share which outfits they presented here. Be inspired and take this sustainable mojo with you into the new year.

    Weekend tips: walk along Amsterdam Light and dance at home

    Last year, five young designers took part in the world’s largest design competition for sustainable fashion: the Redress Design Award, intended to change the fashion industry in a sustainable way, for example by using zero-waste techniques. The Redress exhibition can now be viewed online from the Fashion for Good Museum. A host takes you through the exhibition via a camera and tells you about sustainable fashion and innovations. An interactive session, in which you can ask questions. Afterwards you will receive tips by e-mail to make better and sustainable choices.

    Plea: dive into your own closet this holiday season in search of a party outfit

    Together with the Fashion for Good institute , the platform for sustainable fashion in the Netherlands, we are joining forces this month to inspire you to take a deep dive into your own wardrobe, and therefore to go for sustainable next Christmas and New Year’s Eve. That wardrobe contains a lot more pearls than you might think. And we, in turn, think that you will feel extra festive about the Christmas dinner thanks to this green consideration.

    What can we still do? The best weekend tips during the lockdown at a glance

    Sustainable fashion, we told you about it before. And let it just be that the Fashion For Good museum focuses entirely on this. From December 16 (yes, that is a little further than next weekend) you can watch the innovative works of five young designers who competed in the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition. To kick things off in style, you can attend a special webinar on Wednesday in which Susie Lau , also known as Style Bubble, talks to demi couture designer Ronald van der Kemp.. Don’t want to miss it. Get your ticket on time (for a small price) and be inspired by the people who set a good example for the fashion industry. Afterwards you can of course also view the exhibition, both physically and digitally. It just depends on what you prefer.

    Fashion museum with a mission in the lion's den: 'You can make a difference for a more sustainable fashion industry'

    Between the bright neon lights of many fashion chains in the heart of Amsterdam is an interactive museum. Everything revolves around sustainable fashion here. In the lion’s den, without being judgmental of shopaholics, an attempt is made here to raise awareness among visitors.

    You can now visit the Fashion for Good Museum without leaving home

    Do you miss meandering around a good museum on a slow afternoon, immersing yourself in a different world, and learning about something new? If that’s you, then you should check out the Fashion For Good experience, a sustainable fashion museum now offering virtual tours.

    Museum of sustainable fashion officially recognised

    In the Netherlands, the Amsterdam Fashion for Good Experience museum has been officially designated as a museum. The interactive museum mainly focuses on sustainable fashion and was finally included in the Museum Register. In this way it shows that it meets the same standards as other large museums in the Netherlands.

    7 x Vogue's favourite sustainable fashion initiatives

    It has long been known that the fashion industry is polluting the planet through overproduction, harmful manufacturing processes and transportation emissions. Much remains to be done to make the fashion industry more sustainable , but fortunately more and more brands are taking a step in the right direction. From second-hand clothing to recycling old materials: fashion houses are trying to make sustainable shopping easier for consumers. Get started today with the greening of your wardrobe with the best sustainable fashion initiatives in 2020.

    Tess van Zalinge brings digital designs to life in a new demi-couture collection

    Dutch designer Tess van Zalinge was on the program of Helsinki Fashion Week this summer. For this fashion week, the designer made digital designs for the first time, since fashion week took place digitally. After the digital presentation in August, the items were brought to life for the ‘Patchwork 2020’ collection that was presented this week in Amsterdam.

    Fashion for Good Introduces Digital Tours

    We have some good news for anyone interested in the sustainable future of fashion. From this weekend Fashion for Good, the international innovation and communication ecosystem leading the global transformation of the industry, is launching digital guided tours of its interactive museum. Led by expert FFG hosts, online visitors will have the chance to learn about the story behind their clothes, the innovations helping to clean up the industry and the different options available for making more sustainable choices.

    Fashion for Good museum reopens with a new theme

    The launch of ‘A Cut Above’ took place as an online event this week featuring the owners of the curated brands, whose products will be available in the Netherlands for the first time in the Fashion for Good – Good Shop. Using a PechaKucha style presentation, the brands introduced themselves, speaking on how they are taking fashion to the next level; from sourcing – using sustainable materials and zero-waste patterns; to assembly – with 3D weaving techniques; and finally to use – creating infinite styles through modular garments or designing virtual fashion that only exists in the digital space.

    Fashion For Good’s Virtual Museum Will Give You 20+ Ways To Be More Sustainable

    Fashion For Good is a unique experience that addresses  fashion’s problems and the solutions for designers and consumers to participate in. Brands can collaborate with Fashion For Good to learn innovation solutions to the take-make-waste model and museum guests can pledge to take part in simple solutions to be more sustainable- one step at a a time. The end result is a two-way solution to some of fashion’s biggest problems. For those who can’t explore these pieces in person Fashion For Good is offering virtual tours of these innovative designers and other interactive activities that allow brands and consumers to become a part of the solution.

    Stay at Home with Vogue: Anne-Ro Klevant Groen interviews Iris van Herpen

    Anne-Ro Klevant Groen (Fashion for Good) interviewed fashion designer Iris van Herpen especially for Vogue ‘s new initiative.


    Expo: outfits Redress Design Award 2019 on display in Amsterdam

    The Fashion for Good Experience, an interactive museum in Amsterdam, will feature a temporary exhibition of the outfits of the Redress Design Award 2019 finalists starting December 13, 2019. The organization reports this in a press release. Redress is the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition.

    Fashion for Good and Zuiderzee Museum Working Together

    For example, we buy twice as many clothes now as we did 15 years ago, but wear them only half as long. This has put an enormous strain on our society and planet. In order to pay attention to this, the Zuiderzee Museum and the Fashion for Good Experience are working together on a special presentation and programming around sustainability that will take place in the Experience.

    7 highlights van Museumnacht 2019 die je niet wil missen

    Saturday, November 2, over 57 Amsterdam museums open their doors in the evening. These are the Vogue picks.


    Sustainable design: “What is sustainability to you?” is the question Fashion for Good asks you during Museum Night. Hanna Verboom, Jessica Gyasi and Kim Feenstra, among others, will talk about their vision of sustainability and have expressed it in a T-shirt design that will be unveiled during the evening. You can also enter the design studio and make your own sustainability statement.




    How do you make a wedding sustainable?

    How can you – wedding wise – be kinder to the environment? We asked designer Tess van Zalinge. Currently, her exhibition of upcycled vintage wedding dresses shines at Fashion for Good, which she created with wedding planner Lotte Grossman (together they are also known as “tesswithlotte”).

    Fashionopolis. Intervista a Dana Thomas, l'autrice del libro

    Ha viaggiato in tutto il mondo, visitando anche luoghi pericolosi – fabbriche come il Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, per esempio, dove morirono più di mille persone – Ha fatto domande scomode e investigato temi scottanti, andando a fondo in questioni molto delicate. Ed è rimasta sconvolta di fronte al quello che ha scoperto. Lei è Dana Thomas, scrittrice di best seller del New York Times. Il suo ultimo libro? “Fashionopolis: il prezzo della moda veloce e il futuro dei vestiti” e l’ha presentato in questi giorni al Fashion for Good di Amsterdam, il primo museo della moda sostenibile al mondo.

    Fashion for Good theme

    Things to do: this month's getaway calendar

    The Fashion for Good Experience is an interactive fashion museum that uses the latest technologies. The museum tells the stories behind the clothes you wear and shows you how you can take action yourself and have a positive impact on the fashion industry.

    The new theme REBORN dives into the brands that focus on circularity, by creating biodegradable materials or recycled clothing and shoes and try to minimize the use of new materials. In addition to this theme, a temporary exhibition of upcycled vintage wedding dresses will be shown by designer Tess van Zalinge and wedding planner Lotte Grossman under the brand “tesswithlotte.”


    FFG ethical fashion museum Japanese news

    The Museum of Ethical Fashion

    “Fashion For Good” nurtures initiatives for the future of the fashion industry. Many exhibits from the fashion and apparel manufacturing industries that take into consideration the environment, society, and global economy are on display. Therefore, it is also known as “Ethical Fashion Museum”. Exhibitors include emerging companies that are attracting attention to sustainable fashion and innovations from global companies such as Adidas.

    recycled wedding dresses

    REBORN – Fashion for Good New Shop Theme

    Fashion for Good launched its new Good Shop theme REBORN 11th of October. REBORN dives into the brands that are trying to close the loop in fashion, creating apparel and footwear that is circular and reduces the need to use new resources.

    Colour Theme

    Fashion for Good COLOUR Outside The Lines.

    In June this year, Amsterdam’s Fashion for Good launched a new theme in their Good Shop: COLOUR, exploring the alternative methods to colouring textiles and footwear. The Good Shop is the concept store within the Experience – the world’s first interactive museum for sustainable fashion and innovation.

    fashion for good rombaut

    Fashion For Good introduces new theme "Colour"

    Following the previous two successful themes, Splash and Naked, global sustainability initiative Fashion for Good has launched a new theme named Colour in their Good Shop on Thursday that explores alternative methods for colouring textiles and footwear. Six brands and designers challenge current dyeing and colouring processes in fashion, which can be explored in the Good Shop. There will also be events, workshops and panel discussions accompanying the theme, dyeing, digital printing and more.

    Amsterdam's Ninth vintage shopping

    10 reasons why Amsterdam is the real sustainable fashion capital

    Green fashion has never been so hot a topic and the capital of the Netherlands is fast-proving why it should be every eco-fashionista’s next trip. But what is it that Amsterdam is doing that makes it stand out sustainably from the rest of the fashion capitals? Amira Arasteh looks at some key Dutch designers paving the way for slow fashion and why they think every step adds value to the journey.

    Sourcing Journal Fashion For Good

    6 Sustainable Hot Spots in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is not only home to Denham the Jeanmaker, Kings of Indigo and Kingpins, which begins Wednesday at Westergasfabriek. The Dutch city is also a trailblazer in sustainability, leading by example with initiatives to increase the number of zero-emission vehicles on its roads, to establish a circular economy through new business models and to take actions that will make it “climate proof” by 2020.

    Fashion For Good Ballroom Innovators Mag

    Follow My Amsterdam Fashion Tour

    Amsterdam is establishing itself as the global capital of the burgeoning sustainable fashion industry. I’ll be checking out how the city is inspiring this welcome trend over the next couple of days, as I meet the innovators changing an industry that is one of the worst polluters.

    new theme Fashion for Good

    Descubre el primer museo dedicado a la Innovación de Moda Sustentable

    Los amantes de la moda, la innovación y la sustentabilidad no pueden dejar visitar el museo Fashion for Good Experience en Ámsterdam. En octubre de 2018, en la capital holandesa se inauguró el primer museo dedicado a la innovación de la moda sustentable.

    Fashion For Good instock


    Give me Amsterdaaaam! Our capital city… whether you live there, visit it regularly or have never been there before: beautiful Mokum is bursting with fun and inspiring places. Maybe even so many that you can’t see the forest for the trees.  Luxury problem, anyone? A good reason to list our favorite to-do’s for you.

    Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion For Good

    Tolly Dolly Posh visits the Fashion for Good Museum

    Fashion for Good is the first of its kind. It’s a museum specifically showcasing sustainable fashion and a hub for educating yourself on the harmful impacts the industry creates. Whether you’re like me and are already well-versed in what the phrase ‘fashion for good’ can possibly mean or whether you’re completely new to it all and have spontaneously found yourself at the museum on a tourist trip, it’s now at the top of my recommendations list.

    redress design award exhibit

    Redress Design Awards proves that fashion doesn’t have to be wasteful

    An exhibit featuring pieces from the Redress Design Awards 2018 opened at Fashion for Good Experience in Amsterdam. The diverse array of collections were made entirely from waste, ranging from the usual suspects of dead stock textile and surplus materials from manufacturing, to more unusual contributors such as furniture offcuts and sofa fabrics. Finalists created unique pieces with zero-waste, utilising various up-cycling and reconstruction techniques to demonstrate the endless possibilities of sustainable fashion. The exhibition is open until 14th February and is free of entry.

    reformation te koop Nederland

    Reformation for the first time to buy in the Netherlands

    Los Angeles-based fashion brand Reformation is setting foot in the Netherlands for the first time. The collection of Reformation will be for sale from next month in a pop-up shop, namely in the Good Shop of Fashion for Good in Amsterdam. The innovation platform confirms this in an email to FashionUnited.

    fashion for good news

    Los museos que tienes que visitar en 2019

    Según el informe Theme & Museum Index de TEA / AECOM de 2017, un total de 107.976.000 de personas visitaron alguno de los 20 museos más populares del mundo. Un crecimiento interanual de un 0,22% y una cifra total que demuestra una realidad: estas instituciones culturales están más de moda que nunca.

    clare press

    Clare Press @ Fashion for Good in Amsterdam

    Clare Press, the Editor-At-Large of Vogue Australia for sustainable fashion, has officially and successfully launched her book “Rise & Resist, How to Change the World” in Europe at the Fashion For Good in Amsterdam, the first Museum of sustainable fashion in the world.

    Museum für nachhaltige Mode

    Kann dieses Museum das Image-Problem der nachhaltigen Mode lösen?

    Am Thema Nachhaltigkeit kommt in der Mode niemand mehr vorbei. Doch zwischen Lippenbekenntnissen und erhobenem Zeigefinger geht die Lust an der Mode oft verloren. Das will eine Ausstellung in Amsterdam ändern.

    Fashion for Good museum

    How can we make fashion a force for good?

    From pedal-powered vehicles to solar-panelled bike paths, the Dutch are known for their sustainable and innovative approach to the everyday, so it’s no surprise that the world’s first sustainable fashion museum has found its home in the capital city of Amsterdam.

    Game On! Inside The New Amsterdam Fashion For Good Museum

    The Dutch have done it again! Created an interactive gaming and shopping experience that teaches you about sustainable fashion at the same time.

    first museum on sustainable fashion

    Fashion For Good. The first museum on sustainability is in Amsterdam

    The very first museum of sustainable fashion in the world opened its doors last week in Amsterdam – and has definitely been making a “Splash” ever since, just like the name of its main theme for the next three months. It’s called Fashion For Good and it stands for a unique experience that stimulates visitors to reflect, become aware and engage. We believe that not a single visitor will leave without being affected by what they have witnessed – and will definitely be inspired and moved to make a difference.

    Sustainable Fashion Museum

    Fashion For Good Have Created Amsterdam’s Ultimate Sustainable Fashion Destination

    As of October 5th a new, truly unique experience has opened in Amsterdam. Designed to inspire, inform and equip, it’s the brainchild of Fashion for Good, the collective committed to seeing the fashion industry shift towards sustainability around the world.

    sustainable fashion museum

    Fashion For Good museum in Amsterdam promotes responsible fashion

    Fashion For Good is an interactive museum that aims to teach visitors about innovations in the fashion and textiles industry, designed by US-based studio Local Projects.

    Fashion for Good Experience

    Fashion for Good Encourages Consumers to Be More Responsible About Consumption With New ‘Museum’ in Amsterdam

    Fashion for Good, the Dutch organization dedicated to circular fashion, has opened what it is billing as “the first interactive museum for sustainable fashion innovation.”

    interactive museum Fashion for Good

    Fashion for Good opens interactive museum

    AMSTERDAM – The doors have opened on a new museum which informs and inspires end consumers about the latest thinking in sustainable fashion. The new Fashion for Good experience in Amsterdam is an immersive, interactive museum fitted with smart technology which aims to “change the hearts and minds of the visitors by telling stories behind the clothes [they] wear.”

    tech-driven fashion museum

    Try on the future of fashion

    The tech-driven museum experience presents a sustainable vision of the fashion industry that is designed to shift mindsets and buying habits. Visitors can take a ‘personalised digital journey with an RFID- bracelet’ and delve into the history of fashion, as well as discover more about how they can play a big part in accelerating it towards a sustainable future.

    FfG interactive technology museum

    Past, present & future on show at Fashion for Good

    AMSTERDAM – The Fashion for Good Experience has opened its doors to the public as a new chapter begins for the Netherlands-based sustainable fashion hub.

    museum about sustainable fashion

    In pictures: world’s first museum for sustainable fashion opens in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam — Fashion for Good, the global initiative for sustainable fashion, has opened the doors of its museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, today. The space aims to show visitors how clothes are made and help them to discover innovations shaping a more sustainable future for fashion. FashionUnited visited the museum ahead of its launch and spoke to the organization about the initiative.

    fashion for good new museum

    New museum on circular fashion opens in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam can add a new museum to its list, a museum about circular fashion. Soon the Fashion for Good Experience will be opened that focuses entirely on sustainability within the fashion industry.

    fashion for good museum

    Fashion for Good all set to open new museum in October

    Fashion for Good, the global sustainability initiative based in Amsterdam, has finally shared details of its new technology-forward museum for sustainable and circular fashion innovations

    What does good fashion look like?

    Fashion For Good launched as a global initiative last year to answer this pretty big question.

    The non-profit based in Amsterdam not only supports ethical companies working in fashion’s supply chain but is also working on a series of exhibitions and events aimed at shifting consumer consciousness away from disposable fashion.

    good fashion resolution


    Fashion for Good™ is an organisation that enables the widespread adoption of good fashion practices with ‘The Five Goods’: Good Materials, Good Economy, Good Energy, Good Water and Good Lives. With their #GoodFashionResolution Instagram initiative they invited their global community to help collectively brainstorm ways to be more mindful about the clothes you buy, wear and throw away in 2018 – by making a #GoodFashionResolution and sharing it on your Instagram along with the campaign hashtag to spread the word.

    Fashion is changing for the good

    The movement pushing for a sustainable fashion industry continues to gather momentum. That is thanks to leading advocates like Fashion for Good, an international initiative which promotes a collaborative, cross-sectoral approach, to delivering change. Fashion for Good does this via a variety of platforms, including its startup accelerator and Scaling programme.


    Amsterdam to host responsible denim event

    Fashion for Good has announced it is set to host Long Live Denim!, an event that will enable brands to gather and discuss the progress made by the two-year long Alliance for Responsible Denim (ARD) project, which has recently passed its half way point.