Huong Nguyen Fashion designer

Huong Nguyen is a 26-year-old designer, born in Vietnam and grew up between Norway and the Faroe Islands. She graduated from London College of Fashion in 2018 before finding her way to the Netherlands for her master’s degree at AMFI in 2021. For the GROW Talent project, Huong worked with Flocus kapok fibre to create her garment.

What is your signature in work – what defines your creative process?

My design practice is rooted in an exploration of my intercultural background and discourse around these influences. I also design to elevate the everyday for the modern woman.

What was the most fun part of designing this garment for you?

I really enjoyed focussing on this project — I had all the time and space to get creative which was so beneficial for my process. And since it’s for a museum exposition I could design out of the box.

How have you grown since Grow Talent?

I consciously chose to do this project without knowing what to do afterwards, and I learned that not knowing what the future holds actually opens up so much creative and professional space to do what I love. That’s a real learning experience for me.

How would you like to see fashion grow in the nearby future?

While disruptive business models are transforming the fashion landscape, I’d like to simply return to the way clothing was made before fast fashion: where things were made with care and detail, where tradition was more important than trend, where there was a purpose to every piece.

    I want to see a bridge between nature, people and product, making use of sustainable materials that leave no human footprint behind.
    Huong Nguyen
    Fashion Designer