Frederieke Broekgaarden fashion designer

Frederieke Broekgaarden is a recently-graduated designer from The Netherlands. She’s passionate about authenticity, art and culture and combines these inspirations with hand craftsmanship and use of bold colour combinations. For the GROW Talent project, Frederieke worked with Spinnova cellulose fibre to create her garment.

What is your signature in work – what defines your creative process?

The feeling of a dream state and the subconscious are very evident in my work. I like to create the feeling that I’m painting with fabric.

What was the most fun part of designing this garment for you?

I liked every part of the process, but specifically researching the material. Spinnova is a new material that I’ve never worked with before so it’s exciting to test and experiment with it, using different techniques and translating that to a design.

How have you grown since Grow Talent?

I’ve learned so much about sustainable materials, so that’s a big win for me. I think the feeling of Spinnova is still very hard to describe but I do feel like I understand the fabric and its traits.

How would you like to see fashion grow in the future?

We should think about the effort that goes into making clothes and value them more so that they last longer. I believe that innovative biomaterials represent the future of fashion.

    While design is partly responsible for the exploitation of the planet, it also offers the solution.
    Frederieke Broekgaarden
    Fashion Designer