Eva Sonneveld Fashion designer

Eva Sonneveld is a 25-year-old AMFI graduate from the class of 2019. Most of Eva’s work revolves around a storytelling concept, usually focused on societal issues such as climate change or human rights. For the GROW Talent project, Eva worked with Green Whisper banana plant fibre to create her garment.

What is your signature in work – what defines your creative process?

I love to work conceptually, by offering practical solutions for current societal problems through product design. I really take my time doing thorough research and experiment with the material along the way.

What was the most fun part of designing this garment for you?

The fact that every aspect of the designing process feels like a stepping stone for the next one. Designing really isn’t a sprint but more of a marathon, to me. And the finish line, the end result, is of course always very rewarding. If the garment honors the story that you have in mind, and it’s not just visible yourself but for others too – that’s the best feeling ever.

How have you grown since joining the Grow Talent Project?

Throughout all the meetings, conversations and guest lectures, I’ve learned that it’s completely fine to break from the norm and freestyle in whatever directions feels good, for your own personal and professional development.

How would you like to see fashion grow in the future?

I’d really like to see the fashion industry let go of old habits. There’s a new wave of creatives who are creating things that matter and benefit the planet, instead of just things that sell.

    I want people to know that the garment I created was once a banana tree from a small farmer. It's not just a garment, it's a personal background story of itself.
    Eva Sonneveld
    Fashion Designer