Christian Mpamo visual content creator

Christian Mpamo is a multidisciplinary content creator who strives to tell stories in an authentic yet surprising way. His work centres around ideas with personal connection that others can relate to. For the GROW Talent project, Christian captured the journey of the garments in the museum, from raw materials to finished designs.

What is your signature in work – what defines your creative process?

My signature would be my work process, which is very personal. I always start with an idea close to the heart, such as an experience or emotion that I can relate to. Then I build on that to create an entire concept around it.

How would you like to see fashion grow in the future?

Brands shouldn’t focus on profit so much, but on their social and environmental responsibility.

Where and when do you feel most connected to nature, and why?

I feel most connected to nature when I am close to water, especially to the sea. Waves can be so powerful yet so peaceful, so I like to take in all of that energy after a long day of work.

    I would like to see sustainability and fashion come closer together, so that fashion can be more considerate of the needs of the people.
    Christian Mpamo
    Visual Content Creator