Charlotte Bakkenes Fashion Designer

Charlotte Bakkenes is a 27-year-old designer and 2018 AMFI graduate. In her work, she likes to carefully select and initiate collaborations with individuals who share the same passion and dedication as she does. For the GROW Talent project, Charlotte worked with Flocus kapok fibre to create her garment.

What is your signature in work – what defines your creative process?

My designs are characterized by black and white silhouettes, sharp tailoring, femininity and complex use of traditional handwork and craft techniques. And my commitment to sustainability is reflected in all my work, especially in the use of material.

What was the most fun part of designing this garment for you?

The moment when it all comes together is always very rewarding. But when it comes to the actual designing, I really like moulage. To see new materials move on a human silhouette, it really makes the material come to life. You’re basically getting to know the fabric and experimenting how far you can go with it.

How would you like to see fashion grow in the future?

Collaboration is a great way to show what today’s possibilities are in the field of innovation, sustainable materials and design. I hope it will inspire other creatives and companies to start working with materials that will drive change and have a positive impact on the industry and the environment.

How have you grown since Grow Talent?

I’ve learned a lot about fabrics, about biomaterials and how much is actually possible. The entire project also triggered an interest in learning more about the commercial aspect of branding.

    I care about the environment and strive for a durable future. I always try to be part of innovative and sustainable initiatives that could potentially be incorporated in my work.
    Charlotte Bakkenes
    Fashion Designer