Event | Salon Talks: Colonial Threads – The origin and meaning of wax fabrics

“Is wax print really African? And, who is entitled to wear it?’.

Join us for the third edition of our Salon Talks series, Colonial Threads: Conversation about the origin and meaning of wax fabrics, where we delve into these questions.

The Salon Talk further explores topics of Knowing Cotton Otherwise: Flipping the Script, challenging established notions of ‘classic’ and ‘basic’ style staples, while also redefining the concept of ‘typically African’ print.

As part of this event, we will screen the fashion documentary, ‘Wax Print: 1 Fabric, 4 Continents, 200 Years of History,’ directed by filmmaker, Aiwan Obinyan. This film questions the intricate history and global impact of wax print fabrics.

After the screening, we will engage in a thought-provoking conversation with filmmaker Aiwan Obinyan, AI artist Bouba Dola amongst others. The Salon Talk is moderated by Simone Zeefuik, esteemed writer and program maker.



14.30 – Doors open

15:00 – Introduction to the Salon Talks

15.10 – Documentary Screening

16.45 – Conversation with panellists

17.30 – Talks & Drinks



The Salon Talks event series is part of our current exhibition, Knowing Cotton Otherwise. Cotton is perhaps the world’s most well-known fabric, however, many stories behind cotton are less known. These untold and sometimes unexpected perspectives have been collected and brought together in the exhibition, Knowing Cotton Otherwise. The third chapter of the exhibition, titled Flipping the Script, challenges the Eurocentric narrative around concepts such as ‘classic’ style or ‘basic’ wardrobe staples by flipping the narrative and giving space to voices that have historically been put on the sidelines.

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