Event | Finissage ‘A durable Swagger-scape’ at OSCAM

Join us at OSCAM on December 16th for a celebratory finissage in style as part of our exhibition A Durable Swagger-scape curated by Musoke Nalwoga in collaboration with Fashion for Good Museum and Sandberg Institute’s Making the Over ground Underground Program.

With the Finissage, we have invited prominent photographers, stylists, and writers on the Amsterdam scene to contribute to three panels. How can stylists act as connectors between pop-culture and sustainability? How is the image of pop-culture captured through photography, and how can we incorporate sustainability into these mechanisms? How can we write sustainability into pop-culture? Those are some of the questions that the panels will explore. 

The program will finish up with some tunes, visuals by Aida Ra Mana, drinks and bites and a clothing swap. So come prepared with max. 3 of your best quality clothing items to swap and give your wardrobe an update! Please keep in mind that swap items must be washed and undamaged to be able to participate, we also won’t be accepting underwear. 



18:30 – 19:15 Conversation 1: styling as medium 

  • Question: How can styling act as a connector between pop-culture and sustainability?
  • Panel: Dalma Cyeza, Esmeralda Schipper-Zijp, JeanPaul Paula


19:30 – 20:15 Conversation 2: photography as a medium

  • Question: How is the image of pop-culture captured through photography, and how can we incorporate sustainability into these mechanisms?
  • Panel: AiRich, Nixon Mukiza, Violette Esmeralda, Nella Ngingo


20:30 – 21:15 Conversation 3: writing as a medium 

  • Question: How can we write sustainability into pop-culture?
  • Panel: Olamide Alao, Munganyende Hélène Christelle, Jeanine van Berkel


21:15 – 22:00 Clothing Swap, snacks & drinks + DJ Stevy Warner & VJ ⁠Aida Ra Mana


Clothing Swap rules:

  • Max of 3 items
  • Swap item for item (e.g. 2 items means a swap it for max of 2 items back)
  • Washed and clean
  • No stains, holes or other damages 

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