Event | Film Screening: Going Circular at the Fashion for Good Museum

What does “circularity” mean? What are the benefits of a circular economy? All of this and more will be answered during the movie night organised at the Fashion for Good Museum.

The new documentary ‘Going Circular’ unlocks the secrets to an innovative concept called circularity — an economic system that eliminates waste and saves the planet’s resources. The film tells the story of four visionaries from around the world — 102-year-old inventor Dr. James Lovelock, biomimicry biologist Janine Benyus, designer Arthur Huang, and financier John Fullerton — whose extraordinary experiences changed the way they think about humanity’s future. Each of their stories leads them to a fundamental reassessment of what our food, our cities, our financial system, even our fashion industry could look like if we create, produce, and distribute within Earth’s natural boundaries.

Afterwards, we will talk to Circle Economy, the initiator of this documentary, the executive producer Ellen Windemuth (from Off the Fence — known for My octopus teacher) and a circular fashion and innovation expert from Fashion for Good.



  • 19:00 – doors open
  • 19:30 – welcome words & start screening
  • 21:30 – circularity Q&A & discussion with Off the Fence and Fashion for Good
  • 22.00 – end

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