Event | Design Your T-shirt

Visit the Fashion for Good Museum and decorate a T-shirt in a sustainable way. During your visit you will learn more about the journey a T-shirt takes before it is in your closet. You will also discover the unknown stories behind the cotton fabric and get to know the latest materials and fashion inventions of the future through a treasure hunt.

Age: 7 to 12 years

Stadspas price € 1,- including T-shirt

Normal price € 15,-

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    Event | Ancestral Echoes: A Fashion Performance

    You’re invited to “Ancestral Echoes,” a fashion show by fashion designer, dancer and music artist Jazmon Voss that transports you into a realm where heritage and modernity intersect. “Ancestral Echoes” draws its inspiration from Afro-Native American roots and celebrates three looks crafted from a blend of vintage, scrap, and recycled materials. These looks blend fantasy, movement, and emotion, adding depth to the storytelling of the collection. Stick around and grab a drink with us after the performance.

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    Event | Clothes Swap & Reflective Workshops with the T-REX Project

    The Clothes Swap is back and for our last edition we are joining forces with the T-REX Project! Give your unworn items a new home and find your perfect outfit by swapping your pre-loved items as well as participating in exciting interactive fashion workshops on the 7th May at the Fashion for Good Museum.