Event | ALL STRINGS, NO REGRETS! An Auction by Dead Darlings and Current Obsession

Closing Obsessed! Jewellery Festival with a bang on 30 November, Current Obsession collaborates with Dead Darlings – an anonymous art auction exploring the complex love triangle between artist, artwork, and collector.

All Strings, No Regrets!  gives makers a chance to bring forth and publicly showcase an artwork they want to apologise to, not for! In other words, the artists share a piece they may have undervalued, either because they failed to recognise its inherent beauty, or struggled to comprehend its purpose, or even doubted its potential to be cherished by others. Through this auction they set these artworks free to find the true love they have always deserved!

In keeping with the established traditions of both Current Obsession and Dead Darlings, we continue to push boundaries by fostering connections across diverse creative disciplines. We bring together various genres within the realm of jewellery-making, as well as encompass works that may be classified as jewellery, but originate from other fields such as design, fashion, sculpture and beyond.

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