“Museum as Classroom of the Future”

Written by Alyxandra Westwood and Yophi Ignacia.

How can museums offer space to reflect critically on problems stemming from our current education system in a democratic and collective way?

Over the past two years, this question has stayed with us at the Fashion for Good Museum, especially when it comes to themes such as sustainability being implemented in mainstream education systems. Often these systems evolve slowly, shaped by policy and political ideologies. Due to a lack of time and resources for experimentation, curricula also tend to exclude important perspectives, which are necessary in shaping the future. This leads to minimal space being given to different learning styles, appropriate to themes such as sustainability and historical contexts. Museums can counterbalance this, as they can foster experimentation when it comes to education, acting as an extension of the classroom or a laboratory for the exploration of radical teaching methods.

Other Education Programmes

    Museum Legacy

    On this page you find our Museum legacy document, celebrating the incredible journey of the Fashion for Good Museum. As the Museum doors have closed on June 5th, 2024, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to you, our amazing community of conscious consumers and visitors.

    Educational Resources

    Change starts with the new generation of industry professionals, but also with the individual consumer. Our educational programmes and tools help younger generations understand their role in the narrative, giving them the knowledge and tools to take action and change fashion for the better.

    Past Exhibitions

    Discover some of our past exhibitions on this page. Read up on our approaches to sustainable exhibition development and discover the artists and designers we featured in our exhibitions GROWKnowing Cotton Otherwise and What Goes Around Comes Around.