Innovatie, samenwerking en gemeenschap schitteren bij de lancering van Fashion for Good

Fashion for Good begon zijn leven op 30 maart op een zonnige middag in Amsterdam. Vertegenwoordigers van grote merken, belangrijke initiatieven en dynamische startups uit de mode- en duurzaamheidssector kwamen samen op ons hoofdkantoor aan het 102 Rokin om te leren over onze filosofie en hun steentje bij te dragen. [ENGELS ARTIKEL]

19 April 2017

AMSTERDAM- Fashion for Good began its life on March 30th on a sunny afternoon in Amsterdam. Representatives from major brands, key initiatives and dynamic startups across the fashion and sustainability sectors came together at our HQ at 102 Rokin to learn about our philosophy and play their part.

It was an afternoon of innovation. 20 startups pitched their brave and brilliant ideas to an all-star jury, hoping to be selected for the Early-stage Innovation Accelerator that will be incubated by Plug & Play to revolutionise the fashion industry. Learn about the 12 start-ups.

It was an afternoon of collaboration. Together with two Indian apparel manufacturers, Pratibha Syntex and Cotton Blossom, C&A presented the first Gold Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM T-shirt to be offered at a value retailer price. The T-shirt was presented together with the first open source roadmap that enables others to make T-shirts just as good. See the roadmap here.

And it was an afternoon of community. Guests visited the co-location workspaces where start-ups and brands will share better fashion practice. And they enjoyed the launchpad exhibition, a vibrantly curated space of thought provoking messaging and displays to inspire the public to reshape the fashion industry.

If you missed the afternoon, or if you want to remember it, watch our summary of the day video and watch Cradle to Cradle co-author William McDonough’s keynote speech, in which he names the Five Goods and challenges the apparel sector to shift from take, make, dispose to take, make and remake.

And watch the interview with C&A Foundation’s Leslie Johnston in which she observes how the great innovations happening in the apparel sector need to be scaled and embedded in order to transform the industry.

Whatever role you play in the fashion industry, Fashion for Good asks you to reimagine the way fashion is designed, made, worn and reused so that people, companies and the planet can all flourish.

Join on us on the journey.


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