Good Fashion Fund lanceert om te investeren in innovatie van de toeleveringsketen

Met een beoogde omvang van 60 miljoen dollar is het Good Fashion Fund het eerste investeringsfonds dat zich uitsluitend richt op de implementatie van innovatieve oplossingen in de mode-industrie. [ENGELS ARTIKEL]

4 September 2019

AMSTERDAM- The Good Fashion Fund launches today, spearheading systemic change in the apparel and footwear supply chain by investing in the implementation of innovative technologies in India, Bangladesh and Vietnam. Initiated by Fashion for Good, the Fund is a collaboration between C&A Foundation, Hong Kong based The Mills Fabrica and FOUNT. The Good Fashion Fund will be officially announced at the Hong Kong Fashion Summit by C&A Foundation Board Director Mr. Albert Brenninkmeijer and Fund Director Bob Assenberg on the 5th of September.

With a target size of USD 60m, the Good Fashion Fund is the first investment fund focused solely on driving the implementation of innovative solutions in the fashion industry. Currently, apparel supply chains are plagued by their negative environmental and social impacts. But while sustainable solutions do exist today, there is a lack of capital available to scale these technologies within the supply chain. The Fund was created to address this gap – connecting the most promising technologies to the industry to collaboratively tackle its challenges.

The new fund provides impact lending tools to finance investments in supply chain innovations specifically in India, Bangladesh and Vietnam as well as other areas throughout Asia. The fund’s blended structure combines risk-tolerant capital with private sector investment, that allows for flexibility and tailored financing to best fit each individual’s situation.

The vision for the Good Fashion Fund is for manufacturers in the apparel supply chain to invest and reinvest in innovations that deliver both economic growth and good fashion practice, mobilising the use of safe and recyclable materials, clean and efficient energy, closed-loop manufacturing and the creation of fair jobs and growth, in line with the FIVE GOODS: Good Energy, Good Water, Good Materials, Good Economy and Good Lives.

Small to medium manufacturers whose products or services are in line with these criteria looking to implement best-in-class technology and equipment, will be eligible for funding. The Fund is also mandated to support larger manufacturers committed to investing in highly disruptive technologies.

The Good Fashion Fund is the result of unique collaboration. It is initiated by Fashion for Good, with C&A Foundation and The Mills Fabrica as launching investors and managed by impact investment firm FOUNT. Fashion for Good provides an unrivalled industry network and strong deal pipeline, as well as access to innovations and technical knowledge, while FOUNT provides ample investment and fund management expertise in emerging countries.

Katrin Ley, Managing Director Fashion for Good:

“Disruptive innovation is needed to shift the Fashion Industry from a model of ‘take-make-waste’ towards a more circular and regenerative system. While the technology exists today to move forward towards circularity, it is not yet being scaled. The Good Fashion Fund provides the resources, tools and incentives needed to bridge the innovation gap, bringing these innovations to the mainstream.”

Leslie Johnston, Executive Director C&A Foundation:

“We all know that ‘business as usual’ will not result in the fashion industry being a true force for good.  Innovation is critically needed.  And yet, without sufficient funding, many innovations are unable to scale.  We are therefore proud to be an anchor investor in the Good Fashion Fund which – with its high risk appetite and focus on getting innovations into the supply chain – will address this finance gap.”

Vanessa Cheung, Founder The Mills Fabrica:

“With the launch of the Good Fashion Fund, we are delighted to partner with C&A Foundation, Fashion for Good and FOUNT to create a new platform to address the financing gap for sustainable innovations. We look forward to supporting the Fund with our network and partners in Asia.”

Bob Assenberg, Director Good Fashion Fund and FOUNT partner:

“We are thrilled to be working with Fashion for Good, C&A Foundation and The Mills Fabrica to generate substantial impact within the apparel value chain in Asia, an initiative that fits FOUNT’s impact and sustainable investment strategy very well. The Fund demonstrates how to invest beyond sustainability towards a restorative and regenerative apparel supply chain and addresses the need in the local markets for long term financing for manufacturers and contributes to multiple SDGs.”

Ultimately, the Good Fashion Fund drives positive impact across the entire fashion industry, demonstrating how to tangibly invest beyond sustainability and towards a restorative and regenerative apparel supply chain.

If you are an manufacturer in one of the focus areas and would like to find out if you are eligible to apply for the funds, or if you would like to contribute to the investment Fund, visit

To find out more about the Fund and how to contribute to the investment Fund and help achieve the target of USD 60 million, please contact:

Bernadette Blom – Head of Investor Relations Good Fashion Fund
+31(0)6 22695620

About C&A Foundation
As the corporate foundation of global retailer C&A, we are here to transform the fashion industry. We give our partners financial support, expertise and networks so they can make the fashion industry work better for every person it touches. We do this because we believe that despite the vast and complex challenges we face, we can work together to make fashion a force for good.

FOUNT is an impact investment and advisory firm, active in shaping innovative business solutions in developing countries in impact sectors that combine demonstrable social and environmental impact with sustainable financial return. FOUNT manages various impact focused initiatives.

FOUNT has a dedicated international team of investment professionals with ample experience and a strong track record in emerging markets. Structuring and managing high Impact, innovative, blended finance funds are FOUNT’s expertise. FOUNT was established in 2013 in Amsterdam.


About The Mills Fabrica
The Mills Fabrica is an open platform for techstyle innovation, consisting of an incubator, VC fund and an innovation space/ lab/ store. Fabrica’s mission is to create techstyle startup success stories and to build a global techstyle community.

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