FASHION FOR GOOD CARES AS MUCH ABOUT THE IMPLEMENTATION of existing good ideas as we do about generating new ones.

That is why our late-stage innovations programme identifies existing innovations in circular apparel and helps to embed them in the industry. To have the greatest environmental, social and economic impact, we prioritise solutions that address some of most challenging parts of the supply chain:

  • Raw material production and selection: Emerging bio-based/non-toxic fibres
  • Dyeing: Safer chemicals and waterless dyeing
  • Cut, make, trim: Innovations to promote just, safe and dignified working conditions
  • End-of-use: Collection and sorting business models and chemical recycling

The tailored late-stage programme selects a number of businesses each year and involves:

  • Identifying the ‘missing links’ in go-to-market plans
  • Developing an action plan to achieve commercial success
  • Connections to partners and networks
  • Access to expertise, customers and capital

Fashion for Good is encouraging the widespread adoption of good fashion practice to accelerate the transition to a sustaining fashion industry.


If you have an established innovation you want to take to market, please let us know.


Brands, Funders, Investors

If you’re a brand, funder or investor who wants to make a meaningful contribution to transform the fashion industry today, we’d love to hear from you.