The Fashion for Good Experience is an interactive museum where visitors learn the stories behind their clothes and where game changing innovations of the future are displayed. The space is designed to help change the behaviour of its visitors, meaning interaction is key, as well as the use of different types of content, for example videos, GIF booth, a shop and a T-shirt design studio.
To successfully change the hearts of the visitors, their visit, meeting a friendly and an enthusiastic team is key. Besides employing a team of Experience Hosts, Fashion for Good also welcomes volunteers into its team. In this volunteer policy we will elaborate on Fashion for Good’s view on volunteers and what we have to offer them. This includes a vision on volunteers, recruitment, tasks and responsibilities, guiding and legal status.


The Fashion for Good Experience considers a volunteer to be anyone who freely offers their time, skills, experience and enthusiasm, through personal choice and without expectation of a financial reward, for the mutual benefit of the museum and themselves. The museum takes on volunteers aged 18 years and older. Currently, the museum has no age limit provided the volunteer is fit to carry out their tasks.

Volunteer functions mainly involve the public such as tasks in regard to welcoming visitors to the museum and providing information about the museum and its purpose. Fashion for Good prefers to involve volunteers in long-term projects and invests in its volunteers with the intention of involving them for a longer period of time. Therefore, Fashion for Good will train the volunteers on the topic of sustainability, to ensure volunteers are up to speed and can provide valid and relevant information to its visitors.

Fashion for Good involves volunteers to increase contact with the local community and enhance the experience of visitors to the Museum. The Fashion for Good Experience finds great benefit from the skills and perspectives that volunteers bring with them.

Fashion for Good aims to bring sustainable innovations to a wide audience by introducing those solutions to big brands and retailers, as well as educating consumers on sustainability. Changing the industry means everybody needs to take ownership of their personal role. Actively sharing knowledge on this topic helps to accelerate the change of the apparel industry to transform into a circular system. As a change maker, Fashion for Good enables conversation and collaboration throughout its Experience.

To work towards this mission, we rely on our Experience team of which volunteers are an essential part. Volunteers play an important role in welcoming and informing all visitors to the museum. They are important ambassadors who actively introduce Fashion for Good and its philosophy to the visitor. The commitment of volunteers is of great importance in making the museum come to life and ensuring a positive visit each and every time.
We recognise the unique set of skills and experience each volunteer brings to this team. It is Fashion for Good’s mission to create an exciting, inspiring and engaging work environment for the volunteers. This to encourage the link between the museum, visitors and the local community. Fashion for Good will dedicate time and effort in involving volunteers and educating them on sustainable innovations in the fashion industry as well as providing a thorough training on how the museum came about.

Fashion for Good aims to include volunteers to the team who have a broad scope of skills and knowledge, from all walks of life. The relationship between the Fashion for Good Experience and its volunteers aims to be mutually beneficial. Volunteering activities must benefit the museum and its visitors, as well as volunteers. It should not be solely for the benefit of an individual.


Fashion for Good highly values the involvement of volunteers and acknowledge their great strengths. Fashion for Good will, therefore, provide opportunities for volunteers to gain new skills and experience by offering them access to learning and social events. This all for the purpose of developing the volunteers’ skills and creating meaningful work experiences.

Fashion for Good will ensure that volunteer roles are varied, meaningful and enjoyable, distinct from those undertaken by employees and clearly defined in a role description. Fashion for Good aims to place volunteers in roles compatible with their interests, skills and availability where possible, to contribute to their personal development and confidence in their abilities.

The Fashion for Good Experience is committed to ensuring its volunteers are fully prepared for their roles by providing an appropriate introduction, training and supervision. All volunteers receive a training handbook and general introduction of the Fashion for Good foundation upon joining the team. This training will consist of a tour provided by a Fashion for Good Experience employee and a thorough reading of the handbook. When a new exhibition or Good Shop theme is set in place, volunteers will receive training and updates together with the Experience Hosts. The hosts are employed by the Fashion for Good foundation as ambassadors and tour guides for the Museum with an educational background in sustainability, fashion design, economics and or innovation.

• A chance to be part of a unique and pioneering initiative at the intersection of fashion and sustainability.
• Joining a dynamic and growing organisation with high ambitions and new opportunities.
• Exclusive access to exhibition launches, events and lectures held at Fashion for Good
• Free entree to our experience for you and 4 of your friends and family


• You have a passion for fashion and sustainability
• You are a social, energetic and positive person
• You are capable of connecting with a diverse and international visitor
• You like to help people and believe in the importance of our mission to make all fashion good

• Service-oriented and customer-centric attitude
• Strong communications and social skills
• Affinity with sustainable fashion developments
• Fluent in Dutch or English
• A team player
• Living in Amsterdam or surroundings
• Available for at least 4 shifts a month. A shift varies between 4 and 8 hours a day.
• A flexible and proactive person

• Welcoming visitors to the Fashion for Good Experience
• Providing key information on the mission of Fashion for Good
• Restocking cards, booklets, products, handouts, etc.
• Ensuring the exhibition is always representative and looking its best
• Helping people with at the kiosk to sign-up for their peronal Good Fashion Action Plan.
• Other basic operational tasks