Stichting Fashion for Good


The aim of the Fashion for Good Foundation is to: promote and stimulate a sustainable and responsible clothing industry, which means, clothing produced with attention to the impact on people and the environment and, also, directly or indirectly related to or for this purpose or may be beneficial to this, everything in the broadest sense of the word, provided that it is in the general interest.

The foundation seeks to achieve this goal, amongst others, by:

  • Establishing one or more exhibitions, expositions and / or museums, where the developments and innovations in the clothing industry are brought to the attention of a wide audience;
  • Collaborating with parties that have innovative ideas regarding the clothing industry;
  • Developing a community of likeminded individuals in order to catalyse a movement whose reach extends far beyond the foundation;
  • and performing all such legitimate activities that are necessary, useful or desirable to promote, establish or achieve the objectives of the foundation.

Stichting Fashion for Good

Phone: (+31) 20 261 9680

Visiting Address: Rokin 102, 1012 KZ Amsterdam

Mailing Address: Watersteeg 3, 1012 KZ Amsterdam

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