Jun 29, 2017

Now Hiring: Senior Manager, C2C Brand Projects for fashion

The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute (C2CPII) in partnership with Fashion for Good (FfG) is seeking a dedicated, well-trained and highly connected liaison for the acceleration of Cradle to Cradle methodology in the Fashion Industry. This role will have a dual reporting structure to C2CPII and Fashion for Good, and serve as a member of the Institute’s Fashion Positive (F+) team. The person will be responsible for driving an increase in optimized material inputs (dyes, fibers, trims, etc) for the Fashion Industry and assisting brands and manufacturers in establishing a foundation for C2C Certified™ apparel.

This person shall be the first point of contact for any brands and manufacturers seeking answers to the most pressing inquiries and to support brands and their manufacturers needing temporary project management to drive forward C2C Certifications.

He/she can build trusted relationships between the brands and their manufacturers on the one side and the Cradle to Cradle accredited assessment bodies on the other. This will kick-start the optimization process of materials towards C2C certification and will result in new “verified building blocks” for circular apparel for the fashion brands.

In addition, he/she will assist the FfG  accelerator and scaling programme team (whose mission is to identify and scale both early and late stage circular technologies, materials  and business models) with the alignment to C2C methodology and as a technical support for C2C criteria based on the methodology in the Standard.

Material innovators that aim to certify their products will come from this funnel on an ongoing basis. These innovators will also need guidance and assistance with the initial onboarding of the C2C certification process.

Finally, to promote the C2C Certification, a number of tools (i.e. the how to guide and case studies) will be further developed and pro-actively promoted in close collaboration with the marketing and communications teams of both entities.  The Institute is already building many of these tools, or aims to build. This person will ensure careful alignment with the tools being built by C2CPII to assist in this work. In addition, the person will further develop and support the dissemination of the open-source “How-To Guide”.

Moreover, the collaboration and joint positioning of the two entities needs careful strategizing and this person will work closely with both partners.


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