Audio tour with Dio

Our first ever audio tour is here to introduce you to the exciting world of sustainable fashion and how you can take small steps to make a difference — narrated by Dutch rapper, Dio.

Free audio tour

Learn about sustainable fashion with Dio

The Fashion for Good Museum now features a new audio tour narrated by Dutch rapper Dio. In the tour, visitors can listen to Dio explain the rise of fast fashion, why sustainable fashion is so important for people and planet, and what materials can be used to create the fashion of the future.

We invite visitors to learn about the role of fashion in society and culture by looking through the past, the present and what the future could hold. The museum tells the stories behind the clothes we wear and how through the right choices, we can have a positive impact.

The tour is in Dutch and is free to all visitors to our sustainable fashion museum in Amsterdam.

I was thrilled when the Fashion for Good Museum asked me to narrate their first audio tour! I personally want to learn as much about sustainable fashion as I can and by working on this project, I can discover, see it in action myself, and immediately get answers to my questions. I hope this audio tour will inspire visitors to have more love for themselves, each other and the planet!


Dio's 7 sustainable fashion tips

1. Check rankings

There are several apps and websites that compare clothing brands in terms of rankings in the field of people, environment and animals. Compare your favourite brand with other brands and see which choice suits you best. This way you immediately learn more about the way your clothes are made.


2. Go local

Buy local, from your favourite designer and support the local community. In any case, buying locally is better for the environment because of the shorter distance you and your clothes have to travel.


3. Participate in a clothing swap

For example, with friends or locally in a museum or a Swap Shop. The great thing about swapping is that you don’t have to throw anything away, because someone else is happy to take it off your hands. And, you get a new look without spending anything.


4. Don’t buy anything!

Try it out for a month — there’s nothing wrong with challenging yourself. Take a close look at your own behavior. This way you’ll find out what you really want – no more bad buys and you learn something new about yourself.


5. Check the care label on your clothes

If you take the time to learn about the best way to care for your items, you can keep them looking good for much longer.


6. Donate

Do not throw your clothes in the trash but in a clothing container. Another great option: find a local charity and donate your clothes to it.


7. Ask your favourite clothing brand questions

Where is this made and who made it? What kind of material is this, is it sustainable? No brand is perfect, but by starting the conversation and learning more, you can personally help set a movement in motion. If we all do that, together we can make a huge difference!


Credit: Director: Yousef Gnaoui, D.O.P: Tobias van Daal, 2nd A.C.: Daryl Gruijters, Edit: Stan Vriend