Museum Tours

We offer guided museum tours so that you can learn about the current state of the fashion industry, discover new steps to take toward your sustainable fashion journey and learn all about new innovations that are set to disrupt the industry for the better. You’ll be personally guided through all of our latest exhibitions by one of our expert hosts, with plenty of room for questions along the way.


Virtual tour (Individual)
Group size – join a virtual group of up to 10 people
Length – 1 hour
Access – via Zoom webinar link
Price – 15 euros per person

Virtual tours currently run 3 times a day, 7 days a week — choose a digital tour ticket here to book your spot!

In person tour (Individual) – currently unavailable until January 19th
Group size – join a group of up to 10 people
Length – 1 hour
Access – via Rokin 102, Amsterdam
Price – 15 euros per person

Group tour
Whether you are a school, university, or company – if you are looking for a guided tour for a group you can find more info here.  All group tours start from €75 per group, depending on size.