Fashion for Good Museum Tours

Sustainable fashion can be a challenging topic to navigate. That's why we offer guided museum tours! An easy, personal and fun way for you to learn about the current state of the fashion industry, a unique experience to discover what steps to take to become more conscious about fashion and your wardrobe, and we'll also show you what new technologies and innovations are changing the industry!

Individual Guided Tour

We offer guided museum tours so that you can learn about the current state of the fashion industry, discover new steps to take toward your sustainable fashion journey and learn all about new innovations that are set to disrupt the industry for the better.

During the interactive tour, you will:

  • be personally guided through the 3 floors of our historic Amsterdam building, where you’ll dive deeper into the past, present and future of sustainable fashion innovation.
  • see the exhibitions up close, learn about materials, techniques and processes, with plenty of room for questions along the way.
  • explore our Good Shop where you can find sustainable clothing, books, and accessories
  • visit our Design Studio, where you can design and print your own Cradle-to-Cradle t-shirt
  • build a personalised action plan with steps you can take towards a more sustainable fashion future.


Online Guided Tour

If you’re not able to come to our museum in person, because you live on the other side of the world, or you would like to stay home and do a tour online, we got you covered!

You can join one of our live online tours from anywhere in the world, and be guided through the Fashion for Good museum by one of our knowledgable hosts!


  • Explore the combination of our permanent and temporary exhibitions
  • You can ask any questions you have
  • Our guide adapts the tour based on the group’s wishes
  • The tour is interactive, so discussion and participation are encouraged!
  • Generally, the tour will be in English but as our team is international you might run into a Dutch or Italian-speaking guide who can adjust to your preferred language.


Practical information

  • Done live via Zoom
  • Maximum 10 guests per tour
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Rate: €15 per person

Group tours

Whether you are a school, university, or company, if you are looking for a guided tour for a group, you can find more info here.