OUR RESOURCES THAT CAN SUPPORT YOU with your C2C Certified™ project.

Below, you can find our resources that can help you get started with you first C2C Certified™ [1] project:

  • Our full C2C Certified How-To Guide handbook
  • The full self-check for all five different categories if the C2C Certified Prodcuts Program
  • A sample business case for a C2C Certified project
  • A sample project plan for a C2C Certified project

Download our C2C Certified How-To Guide handbook

This handbook is a useful resource for garment suppliers striving to produce C2C Certified products, as it outlines the principles and criteria of the C2C Certified Products Program and provides a multitude of best practices and showcases along the five C2C Certified criteria.


Test your C2C Certified™ level

Here you can test your potential C2C Certified achievement level by taking a self-check in the five different categories of the C2C Certified Products Program: Material Health, Material Reutilisation, Renewable Energy, Water Stewardship, and Social Fairness.


Download our sample Project Plan

The sample project plan can help you set up a project to develop a C2C Certified garment. The plan details out the steps that each C2C Certified project should follow, provides guidance on timelines, and provides a detailed showcase at the end.


Download our sample Business Case

The business case describes the upfront investments and changes in product costs that can occur when starting a first C2C Certified project and shows how a C2C Certified project can be profitable.


[1] Cradle to Cradle Certified™ is a certification mark licensed by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute